Home Health Infected: Why the Corona warning app so often turns red

Infected: Why the Corona warning app so often turns red

Infected: Why the Corona warning app so often turns red


Covid-infected: When does the Corona warning app turn red?

14.01.2022, 18:42 | Reading time: 4 minutes Corona incidence reaches a new high of 470 Corona incidence reaches a new high of 470 The Omicron variant causes the corona numbers in Germany to continue to skyrocket. The RKI registered new highs for both the seven-day incidence and the number of new infections. Show Description Do I have Covid if the Corona-Warn-App turns red? Which encounters in everyday life lead to an increased risk. Berlin. More and more people are receiving a red warning on their Corona warning app “Higher risk” displayed. And many ask themselves: Where and when did I have contact? According to which criteria does this “red tile” come about in the first place?

Do you have Covid-19 when the Corona app turns red?

Basically: one red warning does not automatically mean that the Corona app user has been infected with Covid-19, explains a scientist from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). the Corona warning app only warns of an increased risk of infection because you have been near an infected person in the previous few days.

When does the Corona app show red?

The Corona-Warn-App shows an “increased risk” if you at least 9 minutes or longer within a radius of three to five meters from a person who is now infected with Corona.

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All the best from Berlin in a newsletter – good news every week In addition, the app switches to “red” if you have at least two or several individual contacts to an infected person who you stayed at a distance of 5 to 10 meters for up to five minutes. The latter are otherwise considered to be people with a “low risk assessment” (green tile) due to the greater distance and the shorter length of stay. But if you have had at least two such contacts in the past 14 days, the app switches to “red,” explains one RKI scientists. Both variants lead to the encounters be displayed as an increased risk in the Corona-Warn-App. The background to this is that science assumes that several more distant contacts with infected people can possibly lead to transmission. Despite vaccination, a positive corona test result. Vaccination does not protect against infection, but almost always against severe disease progression.
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Why does the red only appear days later?

At many people who with corona are infected, the symptoms only appear after a few days. A corona test must be evaluated. If the person tests positive, they should upload their positive result to the Corona app as soon as possible to warn other people around them. But all this takes time and therefore leads to the delayed warning. The test can be PCR test or quick test.
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What to do when the red warning appears?

Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, with or without symptoms: Anyone whose Corona-Warn-App shows “red” should be tested for Corona. If there is a warning with an increased risk (“red tile”), you can contact any test station get tested for free. This can a Rapid test or PCR test being. The RKI recommends that you should, if possible, go into voluntary quarantine until you get a negative test result. Visits and activities with other people should be avoided during this time. As the “image” reports, that advises RKI also to switch off the Coronawarn app during the stay in a test center. The reason: otherwise there could be unjustified warnings. “We recommend temporarily deactivating risk determination in test centers to prevent unnecessary warnings. It is important that risk determination is switched on again afterwards,” the newspaper quoted an RKI spokesman as saying. When you feel sick or symptoms occur, you should consult your family doctor or call the on-call service on 116 117.

When will the red tile disappear again?

The red tile disappears 14 days after the risk encounter again. In the time after the day of the risk encounter, which is displayed on the Corona-Warn-App, one should pay attention to symptoms. These often occur 4 to 6 days after infection, but can also only occur after up to 14 days, according to the RKI. Even vaccinated and recovered people can become infected and show symptoms.

What to do if the corona test result is positive?

who a positive Corona test result should upload it to their Corona-Warn-App as soon as possible. This can be used to warn all contacts of the past few days. This helps to end the chain of infection.

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