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Indigo Flow: electric van with wheel hub drive

Indigo Flow: electric van with wheel hub drive

The American start-up Indigo Automotive presented the Indigo Flow, an electric van with wheel hub drive, at CES 2022. The American start-up Indigo Technologies presented two variants of an electric van at CES 2022. Indigo Flow is the name of the version for commercial passenger transport, for example as part of a ride-sharing service. The van is called Indigo Flow Plus. The driver sits in the middle of the vehicle. In the Flow Plus, the cargo area separated from the cockpit begins behind him. The shuttle version allows you to take up to five passengers. Three can be seated on a bench seat in the second row, behind which there are two individual seats. Sliding doors on both sides of the car are designed for easy entry and exit.

Drivers in the middle, drives in the corners

Indigo Technologies The driver’s seat is arranged centrally in front of the cockpit. The technical basis is a platform that can be flexibly designed with four wheel hub drives. The electric motor, transmission and suspension are combined in one module directly on the wheel. An output of 22 kW should be possible, i.e. up to 88 kW (120 hp). With a 40 kWh battery, a range of over 400 kilometers (250 miles) should be possible. Volker Kaese is new to the Indigo Technologies management team. As Head of Innovation Product Management, he was responsible for the E-tron studies at the Ingolstadt company, and he was also head of development for the one-liter VW XL1 car. Eric Obers, previously with Porsche and Lucid, and Hugh Robinson, who worked at Porsche and General Motors, are designing the Indigo Flow and Flow Plus. There is no information yet on the series maturity and a possible market launch of the electric cars.


Indigo Technologies is showing a delivery van and a six-seat electric people carrier. The platform with wheel hub drives shows maximum flexibility.

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