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How to root Android

How to root Android
How to root Android

How to root Android

How to root Android, There are two methods for rooting Android, which is more popular and can be implemented as simply as possible.

  1. The first method is to use android rat creation programs such as androidrat  , which has been explained in detail in previous articles.
  2. The second way to build androidrat is to use the Kali Linux operating system and enter its terminal environment and build a rat program. This method is a bit more complicated, but because the hand of the programmer is much more open, most of professional hackers like this method more and use the method of using Linux to make a root.

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Prevent Android root programs from penetrating the phone

To deal with androidrat programs and prevent them from penetrating your phone, you should, first of all, use a powerful and updated antivirus. Many people think that the phone does not need an antivirus. But this is a misconception and you should know that especially Android phones are very susceptible to Trojan and virus attacks due to the fact that they benefit from the feature of open source.

For this reason, it is definitely recommended to use a reliable and up-to-date antivirus on your Android mobile phone to achieve greater security. Also, to keep your information more secure, it is better to avoid clicking on suspicious links, as well as downloading and installing unreliable programs. It is suggested to only use the programs that are available in authorized app markets such as Google Play Store and not install programs from other sources.

Free download androidrat | Penetration and access to hacking Android

  • No server required
  • Connection using Android phone and computer
  • Encrypted and multi-target (the ability to hack several people at the same time)
  • Hiding after installation
  • Unable to delete
  • No need to set the port and…
  • In the form of an Instagram follower increase program

Features of downloading the free androrat program with a direct link

  1. Retrieving the last 60 text messages
  2. Call history recovery
  3. Retrieve browser history
  4. voice recording
  5. Screenshot from the target device
  6. Taking photos from the rear and front cameras
  7. Get the target number
  8. Format the device
  9. Locking a person’s device
  10. Record conversations
  11. Access to Gmail / WhatsApp and…
  12. Access to bar notifications
  13. Access to the contact list
  14. With a professional remote control
  15. Android hack


One of the methods of hacking Android phones is making Android root and downloading the free androrat program with a direct link. The hacker uses programs that create RAT files, creates a RAT file, and then installs it on the victim’s phone. Then the hacker uses the developed program to hack and steal the hacked person’s information. In this article from the Spy24 site, we introduced you to androidrat

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