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How to Paint, Polish and Wax Your Car’s Exterior

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Paint, Polish and Wax Your Car's Exterior

Your Car’s exterior is most vulnerable to dust and dirt for its direct exposure on the road. Without proper maintenance of your car exterior, you won’t be able to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. In addition, you must regularly check on any scratches that cause damage to your car paint and fix them as soon as possible.

Moreover, keeping your Car exterior clean is the main concern for any car lover. If your parking is in an open space, use a car body cover to protect your car paint and lock that shine. You will find the best car covers offered by top brands at CarOrbis, which would be super affordable.

Proper car maintenance involves frequently applying car paint, polish and wax whenever the circumstance arises. So that your neighbour can’t criticise the appearance of your Car at your back. In addition, you would require several accessories to keep your Car up to date. CarOrbis offers a reliable platform for car accessories online shopping that won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Step By Step Guide: How To Paint, Polish And Wax Your Car’s Exterior?

If you want to renovate your Car but don’t know where to start, here’s a detailed guide that will help you throughout.

Park Your Car under a Covered, Clean and Safe Area:

This would be your first step before painting, polishing or waxing your Car. Park your Car in a safe and covered place so that your Car is not exposed to direct sunlight, dust, dirt and filth. 

Take Safety Measures And Arrange Your Supplies:

Before you head on to paint, polish or wax, arrange all your supplies, including sprayer, primer, paint, sanding tools, car polish, and car wax, the perfect colour you would like to paint on your Car. Don’t neglect safety equipment such as a respirator mask, disposable nitrile gloves, or safety goggles to keep yourself safe.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly:

Before applying paint or wax, make sure that you remove anything that’s sticking to your Car’sCar’s surface with a plastic car razor blade. Go for a proper car wash for your Car before applying any paint polish or wax, and remove all the surface dust. Skipping a thorough car wash would make the dust particles stick to your car paint, which will look greasy and unattractive. Make sure your car surface is completely dust-free before starting with car paint. 

Sand and Cover the Car before Paint:

Use sandpaper for sanding the paint down until the metal is visible. You can keep it till the layer of primer too. Repair any rust spots if visible before sanding the Car. After sanding, take tack clothes dipped in paint thinner to remove oils or remaining dust.

Mask the car surface which you don’t want to paint. You can use plastic or painter’s tape for this purpose. The necessary things that you need to cover are the windows glass, mirrors, window trim, and door handles.

Apply Primer And Car Paint:

Spraying car paint involves a special technique, so you must practise it before the final action. First, practise on a scrap door taken from a local junkyard; once you become efficient, start applying primer coat from the top and gently move downwards. Next, apply 2-3 coats of primer. After this, take sandpaper and sand away the powdery finish of the primer coatings.

Make sure to wipe away all the primed surfaces before you apply car paint. Then, coat your car surface with car paint 3-4 times each at regular intervals. The gap between each coat should be at least 60 minutes for the first coat, and for the remaining, it should be at least 20 minutes.

Polish Your Car:

Take a damp pad for polishing your car surface and a considerable amount of polishing compound. Next, please turn on the polishing wheel and press it against your car’s surface firmly. Ensure back and forth movement of the wheel and apply pressure to make the surface sparkle to its best. Leave your car to dry after this.

Apply Car Wax:

Good quality car wax creates a thin layer on your car paint and protects your newly polished car paint. Make sure to park your vehicle in a shaded place and avoid direct contact with sunlight while waxing. After applying the wax, polish it off with a microfiber towel for a brilliant shine.

This was your step-by-step to maintain your Car’s exterior so that you can flaunt your Car as a symbol of your status and prestige and make people stare at it wherever you take it. You can order all these car cleaning and maintenance accessories at CarOrbis without hassle. Just search for the product that you are looking for in the search box. Then, choose and order online to receive doorstep delivery.

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