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How To Get Started With Video Marketing For Your Business

Video marketing

For the past few years, video content has been one of the valuable currencies available to digital marketers. Things have changed for good in the video arena. Your target audience is much more interested in looking for video content to know about your brand than going through the complete website, which is why companies are incorporating introductory videos to their home pages so users can get a comprehensive overview.

If you’re starting with video marketing for your brand this year, here are 8 ways to ensure you’re doing it right.

  1. Focus on Your Customer’s Persona

Over half of mobile users choose to watch videos online rather than on television. This simply suggests that on-demand entertainment has overshadowed television in terms of popularity. Though billions of people still take their daily dose of entertainment from television, we still can’t overlook the fact that those billions and more are watching videos on social networking channels and other mediums. This move justifies that videos provide a more personalized viewing experience to most viewers. 

As a business, you need to capitalize on this trend by focusing on your customer persona. Knowing what kind of videos your end-users like, you need to begin those for your social media and other digital marketing efforts. However, creating a video can be an overwhelming task, so with the availability of online video editors, you can start if you are a novice in this area.

  1. Create a Video Content Schedule

Consistency is the key to digital marketing success. As a result, schedule time to post videos regularly. Remember that creating a video takes time and work; you can always utilize a video maker tool to simplify your task. So, while making a timetable, remember to include all of the tools you’ll need to create an appealing video.

After you’ve established a basic schedule, make sure you stick to it. Set a fair objective and make sure you’re one or two films ahead of schedule to keep things easy. That way, your followers won’t miss out on the video content if you have to do something essential or deal with an unanticipated situation. Your target audience will become better acquainted with you.

  1. Add Sound Effects

94% of consumers claim that they have watched an explainer video to understand more about a product or service. Videos attract users both aesthetically and acoustically. One of the most typical mistakes inexperienced video editors make is ignoring audio. This is something you cannot afford in the competitive marketing landscape of 2022.

Concentrate on sound mixing and narration to get your sound effects, audio levels, narration volume, and other technical aspects just right. You’ll be astonished at how much a simple ambient sound overlay over a peaceful scene can alter the overall attractiveness of the video.

  1. Prioritize the Distribution Channel

The next stage is to get your target audience to watch the video material you’ve created. Begin by uploading the video to well-known video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. It’s a good idea to use your company account to upload videos to YouTube.

You may also upload the video on your blog or website, depending on the video. If you have a video testimonial, try to include it in your website’s ‘Customers’ Reviews’ area. Similarly, you may make a video detailing your company’s history and launch it on the main website.

  1. Deliver Your Brand Image

64% of buyers buy a product after seeing a branded video. Therefore, by keeping consistency throughout your brand’s social videos, you’re more likely to win your target audience’s trust and vote of confidence. As a brand, you must ensure your videos convey the right message and stay on-brand.

For consistency and to reinforce your brand image, include your brand logo, colors, or popular catchphrase(s) into your promotional videos. If a video presents a change in your branding, make sure you promote it across all media. Your followers will then catch up and stay aware of all your branding updates.

  1. Diversify Your Content

Watching video material accounts for one-third of all internet activities nowadays. Various promotional videos have emerged due to this trend, and firms must vary their video offerings. In recent years, recorded webinar videos and product demos have become some of the most popular types of videos.

You may also use how-to videos, behind-the-scenes movies, interview videos, and client testimonial videos to test your ideas. The goal is to make your audience relate to your product and brand, and this can be easily done through video content creation. As a result, incorporate these into your video marketing plan.

  1. Focus on Mobile Optimization

Mobility being one of the most critical aspects of living, the viewers are more inclined to watch videos on mobile phones than desktops. Event stats state 93% of video views are generated on mobile.

 Thus, make sure your videos are mobile-friendly. YouTube and other video-sharing sites take care of this for you.

Check to see if any text on the screen is readable. Remove the auto-play option and record the movie in square mode rather than landscape mode. Also, keep in mind that most users view mobile videos in silent mode. Add subtitles to the video so that viewers can still comprehend what it’s about.

  1. Plan the Budget

Last but not least, plan the budget. Your video marketing efforts help your business stand out of the curve with your competitors. Before you start preparing your budget, think about your marketing goals and customer preferences.

It’s feasible to define the solution, set the scope, calculate the pricing, and execute a project plan, just like all of your other marketing solutions. Video is no exception. Remember that video marketing encompasses both video and marketing, so budget for both the creation and promotion of video content.


You want to get the most bang for your buck with each video you create and promote when it comes to video marketing. When done correctly, the video may produce tremendous outcomes and return on investment, but it all starts with planning. Without a robust strategy, you won’t accomplish your goal. Thus, consider these to kick your video marketing in 2022.


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