Home Education How to Draw the Cheshire cat A Step-by-Step Manual

How to Draw the Cheshire cat A Step-by-Step Manual

How To Draw The Cheshire Cat

How to Draw the Cheshire cat A Step-by-Step Manual

How to Draw the Cheshire cat. Since her book debut in 1865, Alice and her weird and wonderful friends have captivated audiences worldwide. Since then, these characters have starred in virtually every medium imaginable, including several successful movies. While many aspects of the series are, the iconic smiling Cheshire Cat is one of the most recognizable!

This distinctive character is almost always seen with a big smile and a distinctive design. This has evolved into an immensely famous character, and many fans enjoy learning how to draw the Cheshire Cat. This guide will be a real treat for Alice’s books and movie fans! Get glad to take a trip via the looking glass as you enjoy our guide on drawing the Cheshire Cat in only 6 steps.

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How to Draw the Cheshire Cat – Let’s Get Initiated!

Step 1

As we mentioned in the introduction to this guide on how to draw the Cheshire Cat, he is probably best known for his wide grin. So it makes sense that we start this guide looking like that! To draw his smiling mouth, start with a fairly long curved line. Then draw another parallel line below it and connect the two with some lines at the corner of the mouth.

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Then draw a sequel of lines inside the chops for the teeth. Then on top of this month, you can draw two round shapes for her eyes and add some pupils. Sometimes the Cheshire cat’s body will disappear, showing only the eyes and mouth. So you could technically stop here! However, we will draw the rest of the body so that you can finish the face with its round nose and some whiskers.

Step 2

Now that you have his face drawn, you can start outlining the head for your Cheshire Cat drawing in the next step. First, use some rounded lines to outline his mouth. We will then use a series of smaller jagged lines connected to the outline of the mouth for the general outline of his head.

You can also add her little round ears next to each other on top of her head. Once you have replicated the outline of your head as it appears in the reference image, you can proceed to step 3.

Step 3

We’ll start drawing the body in this step of our guide on how to draw the Cheshire Cat. Use some curly lines for his paws below his head that his face rests on. Then you can use more rounded lines for the outlines of his chubby legs below him.

Another iconic aspect of the design of this incarnation of the Cheshire Cat is the stripes all over his body, so you can start drawing some of his paws here.

Step 4

In this step, we can count a body for your Cheshire Cat drawing. The cat has a large, chubby body, and we’ll start with its outline in this part. First, draw a rounded line from the side of your head back and down. Then draw a shorter round line rising back from your leg.

Then, connect it to the larger line you drew for the upper body. Once you’ve outlined the body as it appears in our reference image, you’re ready to add the final details and elements in the next step, so let’s move on when you’re ready!

Step 5

What would the Cheshire Cat be without its distinctive tail? “Vague” would be the solution to that question, and we wouldn’t want that! For that reason, we will add the tail along with some finishing touches in this step of our guide on how to draw the Cheshire Cat. This cat’s tail is big and fluffy; we’ll keep it exactly in this drawing.

Start by extending a line from the back of the body and make it curve to a point. Then draw the other side of the tail that connects to the body. Please don’t fail to add some rounded ropes along the tail for more bars. ! This character is also often seen hanging from a tree by his seat, so for an extra fun fact, you could draw a tree stem and have his rear curl around it. That’s just one idea of ​​how to customize this image, but what else can you do? Do you think about finishing it?

Step 6

Now we reach the last step of your Cheshire Cat drawing! The version of the cat we have drawn in this guide is from the animated Disney movie, and we have used the same characters that he appears with.

That means we alternate a light pink with a dull purple for the color streaks. We use yellow to finish the eyes. Depending on your pre, you can use these same shades or make them a bit lighter or darker.