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How To Clean Your Tobacco Smoking Pipe


Have you recently bought the Smoking Pipes?

The honeymoon period with a new pipe is something every smoker cherishes. However, with time, the new and stunning pipes get dirty after a few usages. Moreover, the performance will be affected by the dirt in the shacks and chambers. So, it is very important to keep your pipe clean. 

However, you should know your pipe best before starting the cleaning. As there are so many parts, without knowing them it will be tough to assemble them properly after cleaning.

Most of the Smoking Pipes For Sale Online come with a full description and cleaning procedure as well. So, take a close look at the information to carry out the process without any hassle. 

Things you need to clean the pipe:

Cleaning the tobacco pipe is not an easy job. You need many accessories to execute the process.

Before starting the cleaning make sure, you have all the following things available. 

• Paper towels

• Alcohol

• Q-Tips

• Tapered pipe cleaner

• Pipe cleaner

• Bristle pipe cleaner

• Shank brush

• Reamer

• Pipe tool

• Shot glass

Make sure the pipe goes through the rotation process in order to get some rest. In this way, it will function optimally,

The important thing you need to remember:

The pipe cleaning process is a messy job. For that, you need to spread a paper towel on the surface so that it will not get dirty. Moreover, you need lots of space as the accessories should be spread in front of you. You can use corn, rye, or rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes though some people prefer liquor for this purpose. 

Steps to clean the pipe:

• The first thing you need to clean is the rim. You should not use any strong alcohol as it may damage the texture. Instead of it, you can use liquor as it also leaves a pleasant smell. In case, you find a thick layer of char, then you can take a dull blade to scrape it. 

• Now you have to clean the shank with a shank brush or bristled pipe cleaner. You need to apply alcohol with it in the interior of the shank. Now use a soaked Q-tip along with dry pipe cleaner to clean it properly. After the cleaning process, use a dry paper towel to soak the excess alcohol. 

• Now clean the interior of the tenon with a metal brush. After that use a soaked bristle pipe to clean through the bristle pipe. After that, soak the stem in warm water and oxi clean powder solution overnight. 

• It is advisable to rim the bowl if it has an excess layer of the cake as it may produce a bitter flavor while smoking. A dull pocket knife can do the wonder but a pipe reamer is the best tool for it. 

• If you have estate pipes, then you must soak the bowl with salt and alcohol. It will remove all the residues. It will remove the build-up and give you a fresh flavor.