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How To Choose Wireless Headphones by Design?


When choosing wireless headphones, you also need to pay attention to their form factor. According to their form factor, headphones are divided into:


Such headphones are included in most devices and therefore are the most popular headphones. Headphones inserted into the auricle should be located without causing inconvenience. They do not block external noise, and therefore are suitable for those who like to listen to music during outdoor activities (and like to cross the street with headphones in their ears :)).


They are inserted directly into the auditory canal. They seal the ear canal. These headphones are somewhat like hearing aids. Its slight disadvantage in terms of sound is that the frequencies of the upper range are captured in a limited format.

It is not recommended to completely abstract from external noise, including music at high volume. This is especially true for girls who practice jogging in the parking area – attacks are possible. Earplugs will work for them, but they can be dropped if they don’t fit the pattern of the ear.
The big disadvantage of these headphones is a huge harm to the ear, as they are too close to the eardrum. With these headphones, you should not listen to music at high volume.


From the name, such headphones are superimposed on the ear. They do not have noise cancellation, but they have good sound.

When using them, it is worth considering good audibility for the surrounding people, everything reproduced.

Full size

These types of headphones completely cover your ear, isolating it from external sounds. In addition, there are models that use an active noise reduction system. In them, you are completely abstract from the outside world.

As a rule, full-size headphones have excellent sound quality. However, they are not so harmful to your hearing since the sound source is located far from the eardrums.

With bone conduction

These headphones are like overhead. They are superimposed on the cheekbone near the ear and the sound, as it were, is conducted to the membrane through the bone with the help of vibrations.


When choosing cordless earphones, an important criterion is their autonomy. In the absence of a cable, the headphones are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries (batteries) or by external batteries of AA or AAA class (finger-type batteries). Here, it should be noted that it will not be easy to replace the built-in batteries, but it is much easier to replace external batteries. Also, external batteries are easier to find on sale.
In my subjective opinion, when choosing headphones with a built-in battery, you should choose models with a battery life of at least 18 hours so that you can recharge them overnight.

The presence of a microphone

Having a good microphone is mostly critical for full-size headphones that will be used on a computer. Models with a microphone on the wire are not suitable for a computer. Such models, as a rule, it is not of the best quality.

Wireless earbuds for smartphones are usually equipped with good microphones.

Frequency spectrum and headphone sensitivity

The frequency spectrum and sensitivity of headphones are interrelated concepts. This determines the quality of the music format. High sensitivity is not required for the speaking function.

The excessive volume also negatively affects the brain and loosens the eardrum. For jogging on a noisy street, 100 decibels are enough. To enjoy music, there is a fairly large range of expensive models – the “bottoms” will be like in subwoofers, and the “tops” will convey all the facets of guitar harmonics and pizzicato violins.

Additional Functionality

Additional options include support for Bluetooth, aptX audio codecs, the presence of a detachable cable (through which you can also connect to the source), the volume control on the headphones themselves (it is convenient to adjust the sound if access to the sound source is difficult – for example, a smartphone in your pocket), built-in FM tuner and so on.

There are headphones with very interesting additional functionality, but this also increases the price for them. Therefore, the user himself decides which wireless headphones to buy and with what additional. functionality.