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How To Choose A Plastic Shredder?


With the growth in the production of products from polymeric raw materials, the amount of waste also arises in the enterprise. Crushers for plastic allow you not to turn to third-party processors, but to independently turn waste into raw materials for new products, leaving all the profits from this type of activity at the disposal of the enterprise.

To understand how to choose a plastic shredder, it is important to evaluate several basic production parameters:

  • Volumes of plastic to be recycled. If a workshop has 1-2 injection molding machines with an injection weight of several hundred grams, the purchase of an industrial plastic crusher costing several thousand USD is unjustified.
  • The type of plastic to be recycled. Most crushers are optimized for specific types and types of waste, differing in different dimensions, so the choice of crusher largely depends on the product range of the enterprise.

What to look for when choosing a plastic in waste crusher?

Despite the relatively simple design, few people manage to create their own grinding machine, comparable in its characteristics to serial samples.

The main problem with handicraft equipment is low resources and insufficient reliability.

If the company’s plans do not include the development and launch of industrial equipment for plastic shredding, it is wiser to purchase proven solutions.

When choosing a country and a manufacturer’s brand, you should not focus only on the minimum cost and the label.

How to choose the type of plastic crushers?

Crushers with flat blades

Crushers with flat blades are suitable for most types of polymers (except for PET bottles).

It is desirable that the design of the machine allows you to adjust the distance between the knives and the crushing angle, so you can set the optimal operating modes for various types of waste. The GD series, which has proven itself in the Russian market, allows processing from 170 to 1400 kg of plastic per hour.

If it is supposed to work in difficult conditions, then the crusher can be equipped with a cooling system. This somewhat increases its cost, but also significantly extends the life of the machine.

Crushers with serrated blades

If the main type of waste for processing is solid types of plastic, mostly in large sizes, then a crusher with serrated knives will be optimal.

The GY line allows you to process from 200 to 1500 kg of polymers per hour, so you can choose a model for the needs of any production.

V-Knife Crushers

In cases where the main products for processing are products made of polyethylene (films, bags) and PET (containers, bottles, any container), it is reasonable to buy a crusher with V-shaped knives. The design of the machine is optimized for shredding thin-walled waste and films, the knives cut the plastic like scissors. The GV series is represented by models with a capacity of 80 to 800 kg/h.

Blade crushers

The GP series is designed for crushing sprues and sheet products from polymer raw materials, as well as thin-walled products.

This type of equipment has the lowest cost among the listed types of machines.