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How Long Should Bathroom Renovation Take In Perth?

Bathroom Renovation

Like all other spaces in your homes, your bathrooms must also look glassy. But what in the case of a bathroom renovation? How long does it take to complete this renovation project? Tilers Perth facilitates great bathroom renovation services in the minimum time required. It usually takes about two to three weeks to get your bathroom renovated. However, some factors influencing the timeline to complete the renovation process are also here. They are;

  • Closing on the property
  • Contractor selection
  • Signing the contract
  • Sourcing the materials
  • Plumbing and demolition
  • Installing the floor tiles
  • Installation completion
  • Space inspection and clean up

Let’s Discuss Each Of These Factors In Detail;

Closing On The Property

Although most of the homeowners know about their property, including bathrooms. But the tilers or clients must have to look at bathrooms first, which usually takes more than a month. 

Contractor Selection

Now is the time to meet several contractors to start your project. You must remember one thing while selecting a contractor. The bids to be compared only involve labor prices, not the products needed. This whole process will get completed in no more than a day.

Signing The Contract

It’s time to review and sign your contract now. There are some important terms mentioned on the contract. Signing the document means agreeing to various terms. They are project obligations and duties.

Souring The Materials

There are two options here. Whether you give this responsibility to your contractor. Or you can do this work yourself. But there is one point to be remembered when someone sources the materials. Some materials, including a one-of-a-kind sink or rare granite, need a greater amount of time than others.

Plumbing And Demolition

It is now time to provide new materials to the workers. So that they can get access to demolition, electrical, and plumbing. Demolition involves the removal of floors, toilets, vanity, toilet bars, and others. In addition, electrical lines, plumbing, and demolition require the same amount of time. The experts in a bathroom renovation Perth can do this work in almost half a day. 

Installing The Floor Tiles

It is better to install floor tiles first while renovating bathrooms. Professional tilers can install ceramic or carrera marble tiles within the bathroom in less than a day. 

Installation Completion

What to do after taking complete care of bathroom floors? You can now easily install fixtures, toilets, tubs, shelving, vanity, and sinks. It takes about 2 to 4 days for a professional team to construct and install the bathroom tiles. 

Space Inspection And Clean Up

There are some contractors who leave the work in a mess-up condition. Therefore, you can enjoy your bathroom renovation project by hiring a professional construction clean-up guy. Don’t you think it is better to inspect the space with your contractor? It is because you can become sure whether your desired bathroom renovation is done. 


To conclude, there is no doubt every person loves renovating his/her bathroom using great innovative materials. whether you want your bathroom renovation done in great quality. It takes a specific time. The time that various companies and Tilers Perth require to renovate bathrooms is more than a month. However, the process that takes more time is selecting a good contractor, keeping your budget in mind.

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