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How Gen III GPS satellites can help improve the transport management system?


The USA has announced that it would be launching Gen III satellites which would help the GPS with enhanced accuracy. These GPS satellites will change the face of the transport management system altogether.

Any company dealing in the logistics business knows the importance of transport management systems. Transport management systems help to improve operations, aid in business growth, increase business, and provide an overall better service experience to the customers. There are several benefits to having a transport management system. These benefits have driven companies to widely accept the use of transport management systems. Before selecting a transport management system for your dairy transportation logistics let us take a look at the benefits of this system:

Reduces freight expenditure

This is one of the best benefits of transport management systems. It effectively reduces the expenses of freight. The system analyzes and evaluates the current performance of the current transport network and then optimizes the whole process to be economical and cost-saving. It also provides suggestions to the owner/user to reduce expenses and provide them with useful data insights. 

Real time delivery tracking

With transport management systems dairy transportation logistics owners can track the deliveries in real time. It facilitates for the owners to view the location of the deliveries and the drivers at any given instance. It also calculates the time required to deliver the items and also suggests the most economical route options available. This is very helpful for the drivers as well as business owners. 

Increase customer service

A transport management system allows customers to monitor on-time performance. It enables the customers to locate where the shipments are and how far they are from their destination. This is all done in real time, and there is very little margin of error in the data displayed by a transport management system. This helps the logistics service provider to serve its customers better. Customers are also happy with the service they receive as they can access shipment and freight information whenever they want to. 

Improve efficiency and productivity of warehouse

The warehouse is very important in the logistics cycle. It is the cornerstone of the logistics business. All the items that are to be shipped or delivered are initially stored at a warehouse and then dispatched to their respective locations. So a well-organized warehouse is a must and also the stocks of the warehouse must be monitored regularly. With the regular flow of incoming and outgoing stocks monitoring the warehouse is a very difficult task. But a transport management system can ease this out. You can pair a transport management system with a warehouse management system to maintain track of all the records and the stocks present in the inventory. You will be able to track the location of the shipments, where the stocks are located in a warehouse, their location in transit, and when they are supposed to arrive. This facilitates the review of the processes by users. The uses thus can ensure the efficiency of the processes.

Increase supply chain efficiency

The supply chain business is all about tracking and locating various components. It can be tracking the shipment, tracking the drivers, tracking the containers, etc. If you are not getting accurate data then your logistics business might take a blow. Thus it is crucial for your business to get accurate information on time. With a transport management system, you would be able to track drivers, inventory, and other crucial processes of your logistics business. This will boost the productivity of your business. You will be able to spot and weed out the inefficiencies in your process quickly. You will also be able to maintain complete transparency with regular updates of the shipment. This transparency can be further extended to the end-users as they will get full visibility during shipments. 


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