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How do you host highly interactive virtual events

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Seminars, career fairs, training sessions, trade shows, conferences, etc are essential for large organizations and most companies. These are the parts of campaigns used to either attract job seekers, reach a larger audience, offer knowledge or promote the products or services.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, these events are not feasible in a physical location. That’s why many companies, event organizers, and sponsors are turning toward virtual events. This type of event offers a platform where the audience can interact with presenters, exhibitors, brands, influencers, and sponsors virtually. Virtual events allow event organizers to share different ideas, spread brand awareness, discuss different topics, promote the products and share some experiences virtually.

In many cases, hosting a virtual event and holding the audience in the event can be challenging. For this many event organizers use virtual event platforms and different interactive tools. When it comes to virtual events such as conferences or webinars, thinking something outside of the box is the only ideal option to keep all attendees engaged in the event. Are you looking to host a virtual event? If yes, you are in the right place. In this session, you will find the best ideas to host an interactive and successful virtual event.

Best tips to host a highly interactive and engaging virtual event

Use informative and interesting content

High-quality content is an essential part of a virtual event that allows to grab the audiences’ attention and increase engagement. Think carefully about the takeaway you want your audience to understand. It could just be an update of information that your clients or potential clients would find crucial, or it could be a company-wide update.

For example, your participants can leave your online virtual event if your content is not interesting and valuable for your audience. You can check social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram in order to know the trending topics in your business industry. The content marketing institute recommends the following steps:

  • Select a narrow topic
  • Decide on the best format for the topic
  • Develop a structure
  • Write a compelling script on the topic

Event organizers must prioritize content for virtual events just like they would for traditional ones. Plan beforehand and use the digital medium to motivate and inspire your audience.

Use high-quality virtual event software

By adopting advanced virtual event technology, you can engage your audience easily. There is a wide range of virtual conference platforms and virtual event streaming service providers that can help you to make your event more interactive and interesting. A virtual event platform is software that allows people to host an online trade show, seminars, meetings, conferences, and other virtual events. These platforms come with advanced features and options that make them different from traditional video conferencing software. A best virtual event streaming service provider includes the following features:

  • Live polling and voting
  • Live chat (public and private)
  • On-screen participant list
  • Editable screen layouts
  • Managed Q&A sessions
  • Screen-sharing
  • Slideshow management

Ensure that the platform you select has the adaptability to manage your virtual activities. Choose a platform that enables direct communication between visitors.

Use live polling

The polls are a fantastic tool for engaging audiences. Additionally, it has a variety of uses. Polls are a fun way to start a conversation or to warm up your audience in addition to being the best way to collect data on audience perspectives

Use the integrated polling and live polling tools offered by the majority of virtual event platforms to encourage participation from the audience. If the poll questions are well thought out, this can serve two purposes: it can provide you with some useful information and improve the session engagement metrics. Throughout your webinar, you may use polls to engage your audience in real-time and foster a sense of virtual teamwork. The advantages of using live polls in your online event are:

  • It helps you to get real-time feedback from the audience
  • It helps you better understand your audience
  • It offers an opportunity to understand your strengths and weaknesses

Note:- You might develop your next online event’s topic using poll results.

Networking opportunities

In this digital world, virtual networking is becoming essential. Interactive virtual event platforms are playing an important role for organizers, speakers, and participants. Virtual event platforms offer interactive networking options that allow users to connect with each other. Set up a meeting hub where your attendees can network and interact with others. With the networking opportunity, your attendees can develop new collaborations, share ideas and discuss different topics. By offering networking opportunities, you can make your event more interactive and successful.

Gamify to keep attendees engaging

One of the newest elements to reach the virtual event market is gamification, and both hosts and attendees are finding it to be popular. It’s a great way to encourage attendees to completely engage in the event. Participants get points for taking part in a variety of interactive activities, such as attending seminars, voting in real-time polls and Q&As, networking, using the meeting hub and going to the exposition hall. Following virtual events, points are used to enter the live prize drawing. Your chances of winning the prize increase as you earn more points.

Conduct Q&A session

A Q&A session can be an effective way to encourage interactivity between the audience and the host. This session can help your audience to learn more about your brand, business, or company. Q&A session can help you to start a conversation with your audience and it also offers an opportunity for future networking

In the end, Virtual events are the ideal solution to reach a wider audience and share information. Use the following strategies and tips in order to encourage your audience to participate in your virtual event. To make your event more engaging and interactive, you can also use a virtual event platform that includes different interactive tools and features.