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Home Safety & Health inspection checklist | Rental Property

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Rental Property | Home Safety & Health inspection checklist 

Finding a suitable and safe home on rent is a hectic process. The occupants have to go through a long rental home inspection checklist before finalizing the property.

In fact, the responsibility of a safe living lies not only on the occupants; it falls equally on the homeowners. Landlords and property owners can provide secure living conditions to the tenants by simply running a few property inspections. Updating the property and maintenance procedures before and after the tenant’s stay is also considered to improve the property’s conditions.

Running the safety checks will help you address and resolve the issues that can cause potential damage to the tenants. Or can harm the property in the long run.

To be honest – When I was searching for a Flats in Jaipur, it took me weeks to finally land on a property that checked all my boxes of safety concerns.

And thus,

To make the process easier for you – here is a finely curated list of all the things you need to evaluate before moving into a new rental home. 


Components of Rental home inspection checklist

According to the tenants, the inspection process can be divided into 4 major categories 

Exterior check 

Interior check

Appliance and electronic check

Miscellaneous checklist


  1. Exterior check

  • Neighbourhood

  • What do the apartments or the neighbourhood look like?

  • Are there any people living in the neighbourhood?

  • If yes, then whether they are family or bachelors?

  • How many people have moved in or moved out from the locality?

  • Surrounding areas

  • Are there any utility stores nearby?

  • What are the local landmarks and institutions?

  • Are there any schools or hospitals nearby?

  • Are there any airports, railway stations or bus stands nearby?

  • Parking

  • Are there enough parking spaces for each vehicle?

  • Is there additional parking available for guest parking?

  • Whether you have to pay extra for parking space, or does it come included with rent?

  • Is the parking covered or open?

  • Building exterior

  • Take a quick look at the elevation of the building

  • Check whether any part of the building or roof is visibly damaged?

  • Is there any noticeable lean to the building?

  • Are there any major cracks on the walls of the building?

  • Is all of the concrete and masonry in good condition, or is it crumbling/cracking everywhere?

  1. Interior check:


  • Common areas

  • Check whether the corridors are clean and in good condition?

  • If the staircase is clean and usable.

  • Are any common amenities or clubhouses gross or unusable?

  • Look for the trash facility in the premises.
    – Are the elevators usable, clean or working?

  • General household furniture (if the home if furnished)

  • Are the beds, tables or chairs in good condition?

  • Whether the beds or tables rock when taken in use?

  • Are there any termites in the wooden furniture?


  • Windows and doors

  • Are there any windows that could be easily broken into?

  • Does each window have a latch, functioning blinds/treatments, and a screen?

  • Do any of the windows have broken glass or other damage?

  • Unlock and operate each window – do they open smoothly and close completely?


  • Wall paints and cracks

  • Check for the paint in each room if they are painted or not?

  • Are there any cracks under the coat of paint?

  • Is there any wet patch on the wall or ceiling that indicates seepage?

  • Are there any chipped off plaster or paint in any room?


  1. Appliance and electronic check


  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

  • Turn on air conditioning and check if it turns on and cool the space quickly?

  • Where is the AC vent located and if the water pipe drains outside the home?

  • Are the vents and air ducts clean and well-maintained?

  • Electric panels and boards

  • Are the switch boards tightly screwed to the wall?

  • Is the earthing wire provided in each socket?

  • Are the sockets working?

  • Is the power supply adequate for electronic appliances?


  • Appliances (if provided)

  • Are the appliances like TV, microwave etc. in working condition?

  • Are the fans and lights working?

  • Is the fridge cooling effectively? (if provided)

  • Is the gas stove working? Also check for the gas leaks?


  1. Miscellaneous checklist

  • Are all the walls straight or uneven?

  • Are there any bumps or holes in the ceiling or walls?

  • Is there a closet with enough space for each bedroom?

  • Are the kitchen cabinets in good condition?

  • Whether the rooms have breathing space?

  • If you are a fan of Vastu compliance home, check the placement of bedrooms, kitchen, temple and bathroom accordingly.

  • If the toilet is in a good condition? Whether the flushes, taps or showers are working?

To conclude

Finally, after checking the whole property thoroughly, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The safety inspection will take approximately thirty minutes if you proceed along the rental home inspection checklist provided above. However, you can run some in-depth inspection checks through the property to be confident of the home you are choosing.

Taking out some time and visiting the property will make you feel satisfied and save you from the setbacks. 

Although, if you think that the process is tiring and is time consuming, you can always shift into properties by Mahima group, Jaipur. They run the inspection checks on the property before allowing the tenants to move into the home. Thus, making the rental home experience better for the occupants and the homeowners.