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Hollywood speculates about Harry’s Oscar participation

Hollywood speculates about Harry's Oscar participation

Harry (37) actually wants to prevent an encounter with actress Kristen Stewart (31) at all costs, reports friends of the Sussexes there. Because Stewart’s gloomy portrayal of his beloved mother Diana in the Oscar-winning film “Spencer” not only upset Harry completely, but also downright disturbed, it is said. But his wife Meghan (40) apparently has other intentions: the Duchess of Sussex does not want anything more eager than a return to Hollywood’s elite scene, reveal insiders. It is therefore out of the question for Meghan to turn down the coveted invitation to the world’s most important event in the film industry. So does Meghan intend to persuade her husband to appear on stage at the Oscars? Entertainment media are reporting intensively about Harry’s possible role in the upcoming Oscar ceremony on March 27: “We’re talking about Tom Hanks, Richard Geere and Prince Harry acting together as co-moderators,” says Ross King. The royal commentator revealed this to the tabloid “Express”.

Prince Harry shocked by ‘Spencer’ film

At the same time, however, his colleague Robert Jobson emphasizes how appalled the Duke of Sussex is at the portrayal of his mother in “Spencer”. However, he also concedes that the film largely corresponds to the facts – after all, Jobson knew Diana well personally. “They don’t like it, but that’s the truth,” the royal expert and author of the new Spencer biography, Prince Philip’s Century, told Us Weekly magazine Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage: The couple spends Christmas 1991 with their sons William and Harry with the royal family at Sandringham Castle. Diana is portrayed in the film as difficult and ruthless – and shown full of weaknesses. She has temper tantrums and bulimic fits. She makes life difficult for her employees – and bad for the Queen and Prince Philip in front of their children. Not only is she trying to turn William and Harry against their grandparents, she’s also being mean to her stylist. Diana’s behavior towards the kitchen staff is also portrayed as condescending.

Princess Diana: Film should show vulnerable side

American film critics are literally overflowing with enthusiasm for Kristen Stewart’s acting skills. From the first to the last film scene, the Hollywood star fascinates and captivates in the role of Diana, so the tenor in the US media. It is said that Stewart is certain to be nominated for an Oscar – because here she is delivering the performance of her life. The actress was primarily concerned with portraying Diana from her vulnerable side: “It is difficult not to feel any protective instincts towards Diana”, Stewart said on the late-night show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ “After all, she was so young.”

Prince Harry doesn’t want to meet Stewart

But Prince Harry apparently couldn’t appease Stewart with her forgiving words. “Harry is absolutely devastated by the film,” a source told Ok!Magazine. It is said that the Duke of Sussex’s nerves have been on edge since he saw “Spencer” – he would prefer to turn down all invitations to the Oscars and the subsequent after-parties. The idea of ​​meeting Kristen Stewart at an Oscar event was too terrible for him. Now Meghan is making plans, the insider continues: The duchess is feverishly considering how a visit to the Oscars is possible without the star to walk the way. So Meghan mentally plays through a number of scenarios: how to either avoid each other, ignore them – or, in the event of a meeting, make short small talk.

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