Home World Here he shows his slim, slim beach body on the Thailand beach

Here he shows his slim, slim beach body on the Thailand beach

Here he shows his slim, slim beach body on the Thailand beach


Jan 14, 2022 – 4:57 p.m

Snapshot shows Reiner taking a break from the beach

Oops, who is this dashing “beach boy”? Anyone who hasn’t seen him for a long time would never suspect Reiner Calmund (73) in this slim gentleman on the beach. And yet he is: “Calli” as he lives and breathes, with 90 kilos less than before on his ribs – and in top form.

So healthy and exuberant, Calmund draws beach gazes

Reiner Calmund is currently enjoying a wonderful holiday in Thailand, where he can let his slender soul dangle. The beautiful snap, which the former football manager has now shared, shows him in a baseball cap and shirt, complemented by shorts and comfortable flip-flops. And beautifully coordinated in different shades of blue, the whole thing! But what is even more pronounced than Reiner’s flair for beach fashion: his XXL weight loss.
Once upon a time, the former “Big Boss” moderator was just that: pretty big. The weighty Calli has now turned into a smart, healthy-looking beach guy, who was “washed up” after the weight loss campaign. In addition, the good guy, just like in the past, also does a bit of advertising for a bestseller book. It doesn’t matter, the fans don’t mind: “Horny guy” says a male fan of the TV face. “You can no longer recognize the Calli. But top performance”, another follower praises the iron will of the weight loss miracle.
A little more than today: This is what Reiner Calmund looked like in the old days © dpa, Oliver Dietze, bsc ade hpl nic jai alf
Reiner literally lives his new life as “half a portion” after losing a whopping 90 kilos with the help of stomach surgery and a lot of discipline. That’s a whole half calli that flew off the scale! Of course, after half his initial weight was gone, there were flaps of skin that were surgically removed.
That happened in May 2021. Since then, the 73-year-old has had a completely new experience. After the operation, Calmund’s doctor, Dr. Klaus Walgenbach, his patient at the time for so much bravery and strength. In the RTL interview, Walgenbach Calli, who only felt great again for three days after the operation, even had to slow down a bit: “Give yourself a break. There is a huge wound area inside. Everything is going very well now and that’s how it is remains, you have to slow down a bit from full throttle for a few more days.”

In the video: Calli’s daughter admires her dad

That was around eight months ago now. The 73-year-old apparently took the relaxation tip to heart. Chilling out on the Thai beach with a good book? Balm for the (slender) soul! (nos)

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