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He blew twice too early: Africa Cup of Nations referee hospitalized

Janny Sikazwe fiel am Mittwoch beim Afrika-Cup wegen zwei falschen Pfiffen auf.

The Africa Cup has not yet set any playful highlights, but has already fabricated a curiosity. Referee Janny Sikazwe caused global media coverage on Wednesday with two wrong whistles in the match between Tunisia and Mali (0:1). The referee ended the match twice. First after only 85 minutes played. After the players convinced him that he had made a mistake, he finally blew the whistle with 15 seconds left of regular time – again too early. Now it’s clear: the referee’s breakdown apparently has a serious background: Sikazwe apparently had health problems during the game.
Referee association chief Essam Abdel-Fatah explained his referee’s behavior to the Egyptian TV broadcaster MBC Egypt that Sikazwe suffered heat stroke during the game. In addition, he was “severely dehydrated” at temperatures of 34 degrees and 65 percent humidity in Limbe, Cameroon. “That caused him to lose focus,” said Abdel-Fatah. The referee was hospitalized after the final whistle. There was a lot of trouble after the game: Tunisia coach Mondher Kebaier ran up to referee Sikazwe and asked him to restart the game, but in vain. Kebaier fumed at press representatives: “He whistles in the 85th minute and again in the 89th. There should have been seven to eight minutes of added time. His decision is inexplicable.” Or maybe just…

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