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HBO Max is struggling with ‘startup problems’ on the first day in the Netherlands

HBO Max is struggling with 'startup problems' on the first day in the Netherlands


HBO Max has been available in the Netherlands since this morning, but the company says it is still working hard this afternoon ‘to dot the i’s’. “We are still working on solving technical problems,” a spokesperson confirmed. “There may be some startup problems”, tweeted the streaming service. Complaints were received via social media about subscriptions that were not taken out, double debits of subscription fees, and all kinds of other error messages. “This is indeed not going well in a number of places, we are working hard to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience,” HBO Max said via Twitter. The problems led to busy customer service.

Missing subtitles

HBO Max also acknowledges that many Dutch subtitles are currently not yet available. “They will be added in the coming days and weeks,” says the spokesperson. HBO Max is a major competitor to Netflix and has titles such as The Matrix, Batman, Dune, Succession, Harry Potter, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Sex and the City. Most of the range is now available in the Netherlands. “Most of it is there. Users can continuously expect new content, for example new episodes of series that appear every week in America.” Soon the company also wants to announce more about its first Dutch production.

‘Lifetime’ discount

The basic subscription of HBO Max costs 6 euros per month for 720p image quality and a maximum of one stream at a time. The ‘standard’ subscription costs 8 euros per month and offers 1080P or 4K image quality and up to three streams simultaneously. The American streaming service is stepping up the competition by offering a 50 percent discount in the Netherlands until March 31, which remains valid as long as people remain a subscriber. For them, the basic subscription costs 3 euros per month and the standard package 4 euros per month. This discount is only available via the website and cannot be activated via the apps of the video service. For comparison: the cheapest subscription to Netflix costs 8 euros per month and the ‘standard’ option costs 12 euros. Amazon Prime Video charges 3 euros per month, Videoland from RTL costs from 5 euros per month and Disney+ charges 9 euros per month.

Movies fast from cinema to HBO Max

HBO Max bundles films and series from HBO, Warner Bros., DC and Cartoon Network in its range. The service distinguishes itself with the fast streaming of Warner Bros cinema films: they can be watched on HBO Max 45 days after the cinema premiere, at no extra cost. Recently, for example, Dune and the new The Matrix movie were quickly available on HBO Max. Competitor Disney+ often also offers its cinema films directly via streaming, but sometimes charges a surcharge for this.


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