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Hazard Zone player count so low that DICE is no longer tracking them

Battlefield 2042: Steam ratings continue to decline

01/14/2022 at 18:21 by Rhonda Bachmann – Hazard Zone is one of the major game modes in Battlefield 2042. But the mode shouldn’t be too good. As the well-known leaker Tom Henderson wants to know, only a few players should remain loyal to Hazard Zone. So few players that even the developers stopped tracking stats on the mode. The new year also starts with bleak prospects for Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 2042. According to an internal email, even EA had not expected such bad approval for the shooter. But not only the players despise the latest Battlefield title, the first cheat provider has also stopped supporting it. Well-known leaker Tom Henderson now wants to know that the Hazard Zone game mode is also in bad shape.

Henderson doesn’t believe further support for Hazard Zone

The trigger for the discussion about Hazard Zone was a post in the Battlefield subreddit. In it, the players shared that they usually only tried the mode once. Hardly any user finds a good word about Hazard Zone in the article. Especially the lack of any communication is incomprehensible. Tom Henderson responded to the Reddit post on Twitter. He wrote that Hazard Zone reportedly had so few players that the developers at DICE didn’t even bother to compile internal statistics on it after Thanksgiving, seven days after the game’s global launch. According to Henderson, the mode is an unsurprising flop and he would not expect any further support for it. Lately the number of players for Battlefield 2042 (buy now €47.99) has fallen to a new negative record. On January 11th, a maximum of 9,500 players were online in the shooter and thus for the first time fewer than 10,000 simultaneous players. Steam is said to even offer refunds for the game under special conditions. Source: Tom Henderson Twitter, Reddit, Battlefield-InsideSupports PCGH – it only takes a minute. Thank you! PCGH has been around for over 20 years: as a print magazine, as a website and as a YouTube channel. If you like our work, you can now support us as a PCGH supporter so that we can continue to offer our elaborately created content in the usual quality. There are basically many ways you can support us in the current situation. Whether you buy a magazine at the kiosk or in the web shop or remain loyal to us as a subscriber: Any support you give is great. Since 2021 we have also been offering the option of taking out an advertising-free or a plus subscription directly via our website. With the Plus subscription, you not only get PCGH.de without external advertising, i.e. free of advertising, but also all print articles that have ever appeared in the Plus layout. You pay for both subscriptions via Paypal, you can choose between monthly or annual payment. Support now Thank you in advance.

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