Home Politics Hamburg is again introducing FFP2 mask requirements in public transport

Hamburg is again introducing FFP2 mask requirements in public transport

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The mask wearing rate in the hvv is still consistently high at over 95 percent. Around 70 percent of passengers who wear a mask on public transport are already using the more effective FFP2 standard. According to feedback from the transport companies, compliance with the nationwide 3G regulation is also observed and supported by the vast majority of passengers in Hamburg (around 95 percent).Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport and Mobility Transition: “Due to the higher contagion of the omicron variant and the current incidence development, it is the order of the day that passengers in public transport vehicles are protected as best as possible and also protect others. In combination with the expanded hygiene measures, regular ventilation, maintaining distances and the nationwide 3G rule, FFP2 masks in local public transport vehicles and at stops where distances cannot always be maintained, offer the best possible protection, which is why we reintroduce the FFP2 mask requirement in Hamburg. We already had good experiences with this last year and the majority of passengers in Hamburg are already wearing an FFP2 mask. I would like to thank the passengers who support the rules to protect everyone, as well as the employees of the transport companies who maintain operations. “Due to their significantly higher filter effect, FFP2 masks protect against transmission better than medical masks highly contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus. If the FFP2 mask requirement is not observed in public transport, a contractual penalty of 40 euros still applies. The approximately 750 inspectors from Hochbahn, S-Bahn and VHH will continue to check compliance with the nationwide 3G rule and the FFP2 mask requirement in public transport as part of the controls. People who cannot wear FFP2 masks due to health restrictions can prove this with a valid medical certificate and wear medical masks. As a further additional protection to the measures mentioned, Hochbahn and VHH are successively equipping their buses with antiviral filters. Around 85 percent of the vehicles already have the appropriate filter devices, and the entire fleet should be equipped with them by early summer.

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