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Hamburg day care centers in the Omikron wave | NDR.de – News

 Hamburg day care centers in the Omikron wave |  NDR.de - News

Status: 01/15/2022 08:52 a.m. The corona numbers in Hamburg continue to rise. Many day care centers are also affected. Due to technical problems with data collection, it is unclear exactly how many there are. Families, authorities and daycare staff are facing major challenges. by Jan Oppel The group led by day-care center manager Annkatrin Eschler in Hamburg’s Eimsbüttel district was also hit. “We hope it stays with this one case,” she says. But in the pandemic you never know what’s coming. The problems for many facilities only begin with a corona outbreak: These include the long waiting times for the PCR test results for the staff. As long as these are not available, the employees are not allowed to work and are absent.

More and more daycare centers have to close

The aim is to leave the daycare centers open for as long as possible, says social authority spokesman Martin Helfrich. Martin Helfrich, spokesman for the Hamburg social authority, says that the laboratories in Hamburg are “at the limit” when evaluating PCR tests. This means that in some cases the results are only available after several days. “This is an annoyance, but cannot be remedied in the current situation. The laboratories cannot do more than work quickly.” In view of the Omikron wave, Frank Krippner, spokesman for Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO), also speaks of a tense situation. In the 24 Hamburg AWO daycare centers there are new corona infections every week – both among the children and among the staff. “In individual cases, this also means that there are no longer enough staff to keep the operation running completely. In consultation with the daycare supervisor, we then have to ask the parents to look after their children at home,” says Krippner. AUDIO: Hamburg day-care centers in the Omikron-Welle (4 min)

Will daycare children be required to test?

In order to contain the infection process, daycare manager Eschler wants stricter rules. For example, only parents who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested are allowed to go to the facilities. At the moment 3G only applies to staff there. It also makes sense to have daycare children tested. Social authority spokesman Helfrich is skeptical about this: “Who should do that? The professionals are certainly not trained to do something like this in addition to their pedagogical tasks and possibly even make it mandatory.”

Corona rules at Hamburg’s daycare centers

Hamburg’s daycare centers are in normal operation. All children can go to the day-care center for the full time. For better protection against infection, the employees in the daycare centers should do a quick corona test twice a week. The authority is also calling on all day-care center employees to be vaccinated. Children can voluntarily test themselves before going to daycare. People other than children and employees are only allowed to enter the day care centers if they are vaccinated or have recovered or present a negative coronavirus test result. Persons present, with the exception of children and employees, are obliged to wear a medical mask. Even if the corona numbers reach new highs every day: the aim is to keep the daycare centers open for as long as possible in order to ensure early childhood education, says Helfrich. Critics, on the other hand, argue that the main thing is to keep the economy running.

Parents at the limit?

Daycare manager Eschler observes that many parents can hardly manage work and care in the home office. And so sick children are brought to both of their day-care centers time and again. “It is the case that we are increasingly discussing with parents when childcare is possible and when not,” says Eschler. “This has mainly to do with the fact that the parents themselves feel enormous pressure. That they have to function and can’t stay at home any longer.” Further information Hamburg is implementing the federal and state decisions: Boosted contact persons of infected people no longer have to be in quarantine. more Among other things, the Lower Saxony City Council speaks out in favor of this. The Ministry of Education hesitates: the test is ongoing. more 13 out of 14 educators and around a third of the children tested positive. Is a mutant responsible? more This topic in the program:

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