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Government sees danger to social order

Government sees danger to social order

The Australian government is striking new, even sharper tones against tennis star Novak Djokovic. The presence of the 34-year-old during the two-week Australian Open poses a threat to human life and social order, as anti-vaccination sentiment could spread in the country, the newspaper “The Age” quotes from the argument. Because Djokovic is unvaccinated and publicly announces his rejection of basic corona rules, he can encourage others to take his position. Specifically, it is about the prescribed steps after a positive corona test, which Djokovic apparently did not follow himself. At the same time, Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke acknowledged that the unvaccinated Djokovic entered Australia on a valid TUE and there was a low risk of contracting the virus while in Australia and passing it on to others. The unvaccinated Djokovic’s visa was invalidated a second time on Friday in a personal decision by Hawke. This was well justified and “in the public interest,” the minister said. Unvaccinated against the coronavirus, Djokovic is a controversial figure in the country that has imposed tough rules since the pandemic began. Djokovic wants to take legal action against this decision. Judge Anthony Kelly ordered the date at a hearing on Sunday. Until then, Djokovic must not be deported. A hearing at the immigration authorities is also scheduled for the world number one on Saturday at 8 a.m. local time. After that he can prepare the court date on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with his lawyers. Until then, he does not have to be in detention pending deportation.

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