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Google TV: Many new features are coming for Smart TVs – Smart Home control, Netflix, Live TV and fitness

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In the last year and a half, Google has cleaned up its own Smart TV platforms and these are based on AndroidTV placed on a stable foundation. Apparently, people don’t just want to use this for media consumption, but have identified some new areas of application that are currently being developed. The product manager has now more or less officially announced some of them.

The two platforms Android TV and Chromecast were completely independent from the start and had no connection to each other – with the exception that Android TV can also serve as a cast receiver. Then Google TV came along and it seemed as if they wanted to afford three platforms at once. At first glance, this is actually the case, but Google TV is based on Android TV, which in turn is now also used on the Chromecast. With a view to future products, it has been standardized. But the TV platform can not only be used for media consumption, but also offers the possibility to run Android apps optimized for large displays right from the start. In addition, tentative attempts at smart home control, which are implemented by the integrated Google Assistant, have been available for some time. But that was apparently just the beginning, because in an interview, Google TV product manager Rob Caruso gave some interesting perspectives. There were no concrete announcements or timetables, but they wanted to implement some of them “later this year” and then of course officially announce them. Nevertheless, we already get a rough look at the roadmap for Google TV, which has more in store than just the eponymous TV. The television should probably become the center for several products – even outside of the smart home.

Netflix & more Live TV
Netflix hasn’t played a major role on Google TV so far, because many of the features or processed content of the top dog in the streaming area aren’t as deeply integrated as they could be. That’s certainly not just down to Google, but according to Caruso, there’s hope that things will improve in the future. One seems to be in negotiations or is still working on the necessary conditions. In addition, one would like to improve the live TV, which is not yet available in this country. In the USA, this is offered by YouTube TV, among others. So YouTube TV on Google TV on Android TV on the Chromecast 😉
Smart home control & video conferencing
Due to the more prominent placement of the Google Assistant, smart home control has also found its way onto smart TVs, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Caruso does not specifically go into detail, but there is said to be room for improvement in many areas. In addition, video conferencing should also play a greater role and, among other things, work is being done to get Zoom on the platform alongside Google Duo.
And now we come to an area that you would hardly associate with the television after the end of fitness television at the end of the 80s – at least that is the case in my opinion: There is great potential in bringing fitness functions to the Smart TV bring to. Caruso leaves it open whether this is actually a connection to Google Fit or the purchased Fitbit platform. One would probably like to achieve that people move more in front of the television instead of just sitting on the couch for hours and watching films / series. » Pixel Launcher: ‘At a Glance’ widget integrates with Nest Video Doorbells – shows alarm and thumbnail
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