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Gojek Clone In Nigeria: One Solution for Multiple Business Verticals

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The Gojek Clone In Nigeria is a multi-specialty app with more than 82+ services on its platform. Believe it or not, the on-demand app offers a whole lot of services to your customers. For every single service, be it taxi booking, on-demand deliveries, or parcel delivery, customers have to download separate apps. However, with the introduction of the multi-service app, they can access all the desired services in one app. 

What Are the Various Business Disciplines In Nigeria?

The business disciplines that can be addressed by the Gojek-like application are mentioned below. If you are looking for ideas to implement into the business, then here is the list: 

  • Online taxi booking 
  • Online video consultation 
  • On-demand delivery 
  • On-demand services 
  • Bid for service 
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner 
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Features That’ll Make Your Gojek Clone Functional In Nigeria

Mentioned here are the features that’ll make your on-demand business a super hit in the region. Moreover, these apps will make your app more functional than ever! 

User Registration

Most companies make the mistake of integrating long-format registration forms on the app. Customers avoid the long sign-up process and you should remember that too. An easy sign-up process with their phone number or email is the best way to keep the users engaged and interested in your application. 

In-app push notifications 

Keep the customers posted about everything latest happening via in-app push notifications. Graphically represented in-app push notifications can easily share the status of the service eliminating the need of opening and log into the Gojek Clone App In Nigeria again and again. 

Not only you can update the customers about the status of the service but any latest news, discounts, or offers. 

Real-time location tracking 

The mobile application has an integrated map and GPS that allows the customers to check the live location of the service provider. They can see the provider’s position on the map and get the estimated time of arrival.  

This feature also maintains customers’ trust in the platform. 

Multiple filters and item name searching 

Customers can now search for the item based on its name. Simply type the item name in the search box and hit the “search” button. You can also apply filters to search for the best service provider. You can make the selection based on factors like: 

  • Proximity 
  • Price 
  • Ratings & review 
  • Portfolio 
  • Specialties 

Multiple payment methods 

The application allows customers to choose their preferred payment method. The multiple payment methods offered on the Gojek Clone app are: 

  • Cash payment 
  • In-app wallet balance 
  • Credit card 

In short, the app offers both – online and offline payment methods to customers. 

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Cost of Developing a Multi-service App

The cost of developing a Gojek Clone app is extremely high if you choose to build the app from scratch. On the other hand, it only costs a fraction to white-label and launch a pre-built solution. A pre-built app is already designed and coded. Entrepreneur only needs to get the app white-labeled according to their needs and wants. 

Talking about the numbers, developing an app from scratch easily costs US$250,000 while a pre-built app costs only a fraction of this amount. Don’t think that you will receive only a single application. In Nigeria the pre-built Gojek Clone app solution comes with: 

  • Mobile app for users, providers, and stores. 
  • Website 
  • Admin panel 
  • Web panels
  • KIOSK apps
  • iWatch apps 

In conclusion: 

Launch the on-demand multi-service app today. It takes only 1 to 2 weeks to launch the application. Therefore, you can become an entrepreneur in only a few weeks. Get started with the search for a perfect Gojek Clone app solution In Nigeria, take the demo app trial, and finally, make your status in the on-demand industry.