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Gojek Clone – Know the Requirements for Building an on-Demand Business

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Launching the Gojek Clone app isn’t daunting. However, you need to be very careful about the clone app script you choose, services and features you add, and much more. Thus, this blog is here to help you build a perfect clone app that works much more effectively and efficiently than the original Indonesian Gojek. Are you ready? 

Follow these tried and tested steps to create a perfect multi-service app. 

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Building 2022’s Best On-demand Business 

If you want to construct the best multi-service on-demand business this year, the quickest way is to – get a ready-made solution. A ready-made solution is built and reused by the developers. They create a unique application for entrepreneurs depending on their needs and wants. 

Follow these steps to build a unique solution for your business. 

1.Find a white-labeling firm! 

A white-labeling firm is where you will find the pre-built Gojek Clone app and other clone scripts. These firms have already built clones of popular apps like the Indonesian Gojek app, Uber, Careem, Grab, etc. The firm reuses the clone apps as the base and creates a unique and new app for the entrepreneur. 

There are many white-labeling firms on the internet claiming to be #1. Therefore, keep in mind the following things while finding the white-labeling firm: 

  • They must showcase the video testimonials of their clients. 
  • They should agree to sign an NDA. 
  • It delivers the apps in 1 to 2 weeks. 
  • It offers free demo app trials. 
  • You can pay for the app in parts. 
  • It provides lifetime licensed source code for one domain. 

2.Take the demo app trial!

Take the demo app trial for free to get a hands-on experience of using the application. Moreover, when you use the application on your own, you can understand the workflow easily. On top of that, after using the demo application, you’ll get an idea about what customizations you want to make. 

3. Speak with the assigned Project Manager 

After you take the Gojek Clone app trial, it is time to take things forward! Tell the requirements to the Project Manager. The Manager is the mediator between you and the app development team. Therefore, discuss everything that feels important to you. 

Besides mediating your requirements, the Project Manager also prepares the Scope Document that includes information on the deliverables and the detailed cost breakdown of the project. 

4. App development starts 

Once you get the Scope Document and purchase the clone app script, the developers will start working on the project. They will develop the app according to your business requirements in 1 to 2 weeks. 

  • The app developers ensure to: 
  • Match the color of the website and the mobile application. 
  • Add your branding everywhere. 
  • Integrate local payment gateway, languages, and currencies that you prefer. 
  • They will integrate the services and features of your choice. 

5. It’s time to review the apps! 

Once the development of the Gojek Clone app is complete, the team will upload them to the firm’s development server. On the server, entrepreneurs can review the apps thoroughly and make notes of any changes they’d want to make. 

If the app is perfect and requires no change, the team can show the green light and move ahead with the launch process. 

6. App launch 

Apps are now ready for the big launch! The team will do some last-minute tests and submit the apps to the iOS and Android App Store for approval. 

Once the apps get approval, customers and service providers can download and use them! 

In conclusion: 

Launch the  Gojek Clone today if you dream to build a perfect on-demand business. It takes only 1 to 2 weeks to launch the app and start making profits. So, are you ready to purchase the pre-built, mature, market-tested, and fully-fledged clone app script? 

Connect with the sales representatives of the white-labeling firm right away!