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GM Chris Ballard counts out Carson Wentz

GM Chris Ballard counts out Carson Wentz

Munich/Indianapolis – The general mood in Indianapolis has been at its lowest point since Sunday. The local Colts gambled away their safe playoff place with division rivals from Jacksonville, “Indy” clearly lost 11:26 at the Jaguars, the worst team in the league. Carson Wentz in particular did not look good, who played five times was sacked and caused two easy turnovers.

GM Ballard counts out Wentz

The day after the game, head coach Frank Reich hesitated to stand in front of his playmaker (“I think he’ll stay our quarterback”), but general manager Chris Ballard took a tougher stance. He is quoted as saying by “The Athletic”: “I will not overreact, but it still pisses me off, we completely embarrassed ourselves.” Ballard continues: “We screwed up, and we will question everything and everyone.” The 52-year-old also means Wentz: “I’m not going to comment on whether he’s still with us next year. As I said, we’ll look at everything and then decide.” The Colts would have made the postseason clear in week 17 but lost to the Las Vegas Raiders. “Our passing offense has to be better. It just has to get better,” Ballard continues. The general manager had sent a first-round pick and a third-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles in the offseason to pry Wentz away despite the difficult contract. If the quarterback were fired, it would be an admission of guilt to himself.

No criticism of Reich

With his all-round hit, however, Ballard explicitly took his head coach Reich out of the line of fire. “He’s a great coach. He only had one negative record and that was my fault, not his,” explains the 52-year-old. “Nobody here will question him. Look at him, he’s aggressive, has a plan, simply a good coach. We can be very lucky to have Frank,” Ballard concludes. It also seems unlikely that someone would trade for the quarterback, given its enormous cost and relatively modest sporting value. Want the most important NFL news, videos and data right on your smartphone? Then get the new ran app with push notifications for the most important news in your favorite sport. Available in the App Store for Apple and Android.

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