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Asia has the fastest-growing economies in the world, especially in Southeast Asia and China. In the last 10 years, the GDP of both regions increased by over 6% every year. This has led to a much larger middle class and, in turn, a stronger spending power. As a result of this, a great number of millionaires emerge in those 2 regions. According to statista.com, in the last 8 years, there have been over a million new millionaires in China every year. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/702759/china-number-of-millionaires/).

What are the benefits of Global Citizenship Programs?

On the other side of the coin, rapid growth also changes the way people spend their money and, as a consequence, many millionaires and billionaires lose their wealth, due to economical challenges or changes in government regulations. Another important factor is, unlike Europe and the US, China’s economy is very state-controlled. In many cases, a millionaire can get out of favor, and his business can slow down and be outcompeted by his rivals.

As a result of this, the new rich in Asia, who are aware of these circumstances, have developed a new set of skills and strategies to protect their social status and income. This is in stark contrast to their American and European counterparts. There are 2 major things emerging Chinese millionaires are doing to protect their wealth.

First, they are investing in multiple businesses in different locations. This is especially difficult for Chinese citizens as the government has strict policies when it comes to bringing money out of China. Those who manage to do so tend to park their money in real estate, especially in countries like Australia, the US, UK, and Singapore. That is pretty common for many millionaires around the globe.

The second and more unique trend is getting a second citizenship. This industry is gaining popularity over time as it provides those millionaires a safety net and allows them to relocate their wealth. Furthermore, traveling becomes easier with the right passport.

Where to find the service in Singapore?

To understand this new trend and why it is getting more popular, we had a short interview with James Bian from Waterland Capital, the top company in Singapore when it comes to second citizenship applications. Waterland Capital and James have helped 100s of people all around China and SEA to get a second citizenship and has allowed many of those people to live under a totally different identity in their new countries.


Waterland Capital has been the fastest-growing second citizenship consultancy in Singapore. How did the agency come to be?


Prior to the establishment of Waterland Capital, Our founder had been running a successful property and wealth management firm. Over many years, however, many clients have voiced their interest in second residency planning. We decided to focus on the second residency. For the sake of serving our clients, this is the most effective way to help them reduce tax tremendously and reallocate assets more effectively. We have since been officially appointed the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment operating licensee with the right to operate the Vanuatu Trade Commission. And we have  become a one-stop solution that serves clients more conveniently.


As you mentioned, giving your clients what they want is the main motive. When it comes to second citizenships, what do clients want and care about?


Professionalism is the prerequisite for us, and delivering liberty and protecting the clients’ privacy is our priority. We are laser-focused on privacy and efficiency, as every case has a different and specific connection and skillset are required to accomplish each task. Avoiding mistakes is of utmost importance as mistakes can jeopardize clients’ wellbeing.


You mentioned convenience and speed. Is it not more convenient if your clients choose a local firm in their home country, that they can monitor the progress regularly if needed?


The advancement of the internet causes affluent people around the world to not only be concerned about cybersecurity but also their physical privacy. Singapore, as Asia’s resource traffic, financial and trading hub, conveniently allows the clients to be able to be connected seamlessly to some of the world’s best programs. There are programs that they cannot gain access to with the agencies from their home country. Singapore is not only a physical free trade port but also a place where the resources of East and West interchange. We can easily deliver the kind of flexibility that clients are not able to enjoy in their home country. Furthermore, Singapore is a British commonwealth country with a holistic rule of law that provides clients with ease of mind when it comes to privacy, security, and most importantly, the reliability of the company. 


My friend recently got citizenship in Singapore. She mentioned it is a step-by-step process and she did not use any agents. What are the benefits of applying through an agency? Can people do this on their own?


Immigration is an obscure and complicated procedure; it requires a high level of professionalism in terms of preparation, operation, and delivery during the progress. As our target market is clients with ultra-high net worth, they are willing to fork out the necessary fee to get everything settled and put into place without worrying about where might go wrong.It is a form of risk transfer; clients pay and leave the risk management up to our company to handle and we will minimize the risk level to its lowest. For example, for Vanuatu, the application cannot be done as an individual. Therefore, it does not make any sense for clients to register their own company and go through all the hassle just to acquire a Vanuatu passport. Thus, we are here to simplify the obscure procedures and efficiently deliver what clients want without the client having to do any unnecessary tasks unless required specifically by the government.


I can see it is an intricate process. What matters is that i get my passport. So once I get the passport, how to use it? Can I just take the passport and start my new life? What are some things that I should look out for?


In our industry, a huge problem that arises is that most companies only assist the clients in obtaining the passport but do not train the client on how to use the passport. It is as if a helicopter company only delivers the helicopter to you without telling you the model and teaching you how to operate it. We are like a company that, metaphorically speaking, helps you select the right helicopter that suits you and teaches you how to fly it. We analyze and determine which passport is the most suitable for the client and tailor-make a proposal that the clients can follow, and effectively maximize the potential of the passport that he purchases. The key here is we determine how pragmatic the program is for the client before execution.


Wow, that really opens my eyes. Since you promise results and can even offer a money-back guarantee, how do you assess what a person can get, how long it will take, or what issues they might face?



Every client is unique and we assess each client by conducting a short 30-minute call. Even if the client wishes to remain anonymous, we will still be able to check out their options for them. Only if they decide to work with us, we will get their details and kick start things. Every program is different and clients face different issues in every program. The pertinent issues clients face is too diverse to list; most of the time, clients do not fit the requirements for the program but have the money to participate. Our experts in the company can resolve these handles and come up with the most viable solution in the shortest amount of time. The fastest we have processed an application is 8 days, but express processing fees were charged.


Great! How can our readers learn more and kickstart this process?


Everyone is welcome to visit our website www.waterlandcap.com to view what services we offer, which is better for you, and book your call!

If you are interested in second citizenship and want to learn more about how it can work for you, you can always contact James Bian through his company website which you can find in the description below.

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