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“Germany’s next top model”: Heidi lets mother compete against daughter – TV


From February 3rd, model mom Klum (48) will be looking for “Germany’s next top model” on TV again. For the 17th time, Heidi is looking for a model. But this time everything will be different: Not only women of all ages are fighting for the model crown, but also a mother is competing against her daughter!“There are small, very tall, curvy, slim, young and older participants. The smallest is 1.54 meters, the largest is 1.93 meters,” reveals Heidi Klum before the start of the new season. “The dress sizes go from 30 to 54. Our youngest is 18, the oldest 68!”Also present: 18-year-old Lou-Anne, a stylist from Vienna.

Lou-Anne describes herself as nice, helpful and disciplinedPhoto: ProSieben/Richard Hübner The young woman with the short hair used to watch “Germany’s next top model” with her mother Martina (50). Now the bang: BOTH – so mom and daughter – will be walking the catwalk at Heidi. If that works out?They applied independently for the new season. The surprise was all the greater when it became clear that both made it into Heidi’s top 31.

Lou-Anne’s Mama Martina is a trainer, coach and videographer by profession Photo: ProSieben/Richard Hübner Mama Martina has modeled before, now the Austrian wants to know it again. “I don’t see anyone as a rival,” she says in her Pro7 presentation: “I’m fighting my yesterday’s self. I want to do better than yesterday.”How it will be then, however, to compete with your own daughter in the model villa remains to be seen.
One thing is definitely clear: just being beautiful is not enough for Heidi. Klum finds: “There are many who are beautiful, but sometimes fart boring. Many are resting on their laurels when they are born so ‘classically beautiful’.”Let the model games begin…

These GNTM candidates also catch the eye

In GDR times, Lieselotte (66) was a star, frontwoman of the band “Mona Lise”. Now she is joining HeidiPhoto: ProSieben/Richard Hübner Barbara from Flensburg is the oldest GNTM participant this year at the age of 68. Heidi thinks: “It’s absolutely amazing!” Photo: ProSieben/Richard Hübner Student Viola (21, from Bremen) wanted to be a postwoman as a child, now she wants the “Germany’s Next Top Model” crownPhoto: ProSieben/Richard Hübner Student Lisa- Marie (22, from Hanover) is more of a classic beauty, loves sports and baking cakes. Can she continue to convince Heidi? Photo: ProSieben/Richard Hübner

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