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Further waves after omicron possible

Further waves after omicron possible

Bremen. The Bremen epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb does not rule out further waves of the corona virus. “We always have to be prepared for variants that thwart our plans,” said Zeeb of the German Press Agency. The fact that Corona, with the phasing out of the currently rampant omicron variant, behaves in a similar way to the common flu is just one of the possible developments. “In any case, it’s not the exclusive scenario,” he said on Friday. The process is accelerated by the omicron wave. After their peak, there will be a very high proportion of people who are immune after vaccination or infection. “In this respect, this is already an accelerated path to the endemic situation,” said the doctor from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology (BIPS).

Omicron wave favors new variants

In the case of possible new variants, it can be biologically ruled out that they will become even more contagious than omicron. “But with the same infectivity and then less favorable clinical parameters, that can happen,” said Zeeb. The current infection of so many people at the same time is unfavorable. “So the probability is simply statistically higher that new variants can develop.” In this context, Zeeb also raises the debate about compulsory vaccination. She is too late for the Delta and Omikron variants. “This wave is running with the measures we have now. That means what is being discussed goes into the future,” said Zeeb. “We see that we probably need further vaccinations.” A high vaccination rate is necessary. However, compulsory vaccination is only one way to achieve this quickly. Another possible way lies in widespread, low-threshold vaccination offers. But this discussion goes beyond epidemiology. In view of the rapid succession of the delta and omicron waves, Zeeb warned Genesene to be careful. “It is definitely the case that they have the risk of falling ill again,” he said. Omicron is “almost another virus”. The risk for those who have recovered to contract omicron shortly after a delta infection is higher than for people with a booster vaccination.

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