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Fuel prices: what form could the new aid envisaged by the government take?

Fuel prices: what form could the new aid envisaged by the government take?

As fuel prices continue to soar, the government says it is considering new measures to help the French. Announcements are expected in the coming days. State aid for fuel should be “improved” said Emmanuel Macron during his trip to Poissy on Monday March 7. Indeed, the first trip of the Head of State as a presidential candidate fell on the day when the Ministry of Ecological Transition unveils fuel price figures.

Inflation compensation?

Cold shower this Monday, March 7, with a spectacular increase diesel, which took more than 14 cents in a week. While observers are predicting a situation that is not going to improve, given the conflict in Ukraine, the President of the Republic mentioned aid “around a mileage allowance approach and an inflation allowance”.

The mileage allowance is the first measure taken by the government to help people who use their car to get to work. After the inflation allowance of 100 euros, paid to all French people earning less than €2,000 per month and paid between December and February, Jean Castex had indeed announced an increase in the mileage scale.

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Taxes: discover the new 2022 increased mileage scale and what you can earn Does the government intend to go further in the face of the continued soaring prices? It seems that the subject is on the table. This Monday morning, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire indeed maintained that a “answer will be given to all the French people most affected by the crisis”, at the microphone of BFM.

“Targeted” responses

He did not detail the form that this response would take but on the other hand excludes the idea of ​​​​a “whatever the cost” and quantified the measure. “The total bill amounts to more than 20 billion euros on the sole protection of our compatriots against soaring energy prices“, detailed the Minister of Economy, who stressed that the government was ready for “more” measures to support purchasing power. These will then be “targeted” responses.

Regarding the precise form that these measures would take, the answer should arrive quickly since a global plan will have to be presented in the coming days regarding the rise in energy prices.

Also for business

The Minister for Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, also hinted on France Info this Friday, March 4, that measures to deal with soaring fuel prices, and not only against soaring gas, would be taken as part of the resilience plan that the Prime Minister should announce very soon.

ud83dudd34ud83dudde3 Rise in fuel prices u27a1ufe0f “All those who will be affected by this price increase, we are in the process of putting in place a system to protect them. But beware, this war is not going to be painless,” says Barbara Pompili. pic.twitter.com/RBfNI9Or6g— franceinfo (@franceinfo) March 4, 2022

Measures which will concern “all those who are affected by this price increase, whether motorists, but I am also thinking of certain companies”.

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