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Frankfurt virologist striker on increasing corona incidence: “We relaxed four weeks too early” | hessenschau.de

 Frankfurt virologist striker on increasing corona incidence:

The number of corona infections is increasing again, the restrictions are falling. The Frankfurt virologist Martin Stürmer says: We are loosening up too early. He is particularly worried about autumn and winter.

The downward trend in the number of infections has been over for days. In Hesse, more people are getting infected with the corona virus again. The seven-day incidence of new infections rose to 934 on Tuesday. In an interview with hessenschau.de, Frankfurt virologist Martin Stürmer said that the increase could be due to premature easing. For the summer, striker believes in declining numbers, but is very concerned about autumn and winter. Video contribution Video 03:17 min. | 07.03.22, 7:30 p.m. | Hessenschau

Masks are no longer compulsory in class

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hessenschau.de: Mr. Stürmer, at first it looked like the number of infections would be falling. In the last few days, the number of new corona infections has continued to rise. A worrying sign?
Martin Stürmer: That is at least the sign that we relaxed four weeks too early. This is because measures were linked to specific calendar days – regardless of the actual infection process. In addition, there is the sub-variant of Omikron, the BA.2 variant, which has gradually gained the upper hand. And we know from other countries that this variant is even more infectious than the original variant. With this combination, it is not surprising that the numbers are increasing again.
hessenschau.de: With the falling restrictions – also for gastronomy and clubs – do you expect the number of infections to increase even more?
Striker: Exactly. Or if the masks no longer have to be worn in the schools in the seats. These are factors that again favor transmissions. I can only recommend everyone at school and outside to continue wearing masks for a certain period of time. I know it gets on the nerves of a lot of people – myself included – but it’s a very, very good way to protect yourself.
hessenschau.de: So the easing was wrong?
Striker: It’s not that I’m fundamentally against easing, because we were on the right track, the numbers went down. But then comes the impatience. Four weeks later, with a milder climate and with greater certainty about where the BA.2 variant stands, the easing would have made more sense.

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hessenschau.de: Although we don’t know how this virus variant will continue.
Striker: The Omicron origin variant didn’t overload our health system. Nobody knows how high the infections in BA.2 will be, but we have already mastered higher numbers. For me the question is rather: What will happen to Long Covid in the course of Omicron and BA.2? These are still unresolved things for me, and that’s why, to be honest, I’m not that relaxed.
hessenschau.de: According to your forecast, how will the situation develop in the coming weeks and months?
Striker: Sooner or later the numbers will drop significantly. It will get warmer and this will put us in a situation where it is much less risky to take off the mask. But what we do know about Sars-CoV-2 is that it doesn’t have the same seasonality as other cold viruses, which practically no longer appear in the summer. In this respect, it must be pointed out that we also have infections in summer. I don’t expect it to sweep over us in one massive wave. I’m much more worried about fall and winter.
hessenschau.de: Why?
Striker: In the summer we think we don’t have to do anything. That’s the mistake. We now have to start thinking about vaccinations in good time and we should do our best not to stop testing and variant analysis in the summer so that we know what to expect. So we wouldn’t have to make life difficult for ourselves again in autumn with tightened measures. We have that option.

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hessenschau.de: Thinking about vaccination – what do you mean by that?
Striker: Vaccination is not a must, but it would help. The question is: What do we define as the goal of compulsory vaccination? If we want to avoid severe courses, everyone will say: We don’t have that very often with Omikron, because Omikron is milder. But we don’t know yet which variant will be included. It could be an omicron wave again, then we are well positioned with a vaccine adapted to it. If 20 percent don’t want to be vaccinated, it won’t end the world. But if there are new variants or Delta comes back, then we’re stuck.
hessenschau.de: What do you advise people now: limit yourself or go over to normality?
Striker: As long as it doesn’t get warmer and the numbers have gone down significantly, I would keep my limits and use my freedom responsibly. That’s why I’m advocating restraint. Enjoy the fact that everyday life is becoming calmer and more relaxed, but under no circumstances overstimulate. The signal to the population must be: We’re not done with it. The interview was conducted by Simon Rustler. Further information Broadcast: hr3, Nachrichten, 03/08/2022, 2 p.m. End of further information Source: hessenschau.de

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