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FRANKFURT (DEUTSCHE-BOERSE AG) – China’s real estate crisis is also leaving its mark on real estate funds in this country. Some prefer to sell, even if the funds are not related to China. Investors’ favorites remain technology and sustainability funds.13. January 2021. Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). There is currently some movement in real estate fund trading. “For the last two or three weeks there have been repeated sales,” reports Ivo Orlemann from ICF Bank. “The background is the imbalance of China’s real estate group Evergrande.” According to the dealer, DWS funds are particularly affected by the wave of sales: Grundbesitz Europa (DE0009807008) and Grundbesitz Global (DE0009807057). But shares in HausInvest (DE0009807016) would also be sold on a large scale. Evergrande has accumulated debts of over 300 billion US dollars and cannot pay the interest on the bonds. It is still unclear whether the Chinese government will intervene to help. According to the BVI fund association, local real estate funds achieved an average return of 2.3 percent in 2021. They were thus above all bond fund categories, but well below all equity fund categories (globally, for example, 24.4 percent). Even over a ten-year period, equity funds are still ahead: global equity funds averaged 10.2 percent, balanced mixed funds 5.3 percent, global bond funds with long-term bonds 2.5 percent and real estate funds 2.7 percent pa.Tech funds : Annual returns of over 30 percent Technology funds are still in demand, as Orlemann also notes. “When there are setbacks on the Nasdaq, there are sometimes sales, but mostly the purchases clearly predominate.” The Nasdaq 100 rose by around 28 percent in 2021, but so far it has mostly been down in 2022. Apparently, investors are not deterred: BlackRock Global Funds World Technology (LU0171310443), Franklin Technology (LU0260870158), for example, are doing well ), Fidelity Global Technology (LU0099574567) and Deka Technology (DE0005152631). More special ones like the DWS Artificial Intelligence (DE0008474149) and the North Internet from Amundi (DE0009785303) also find fans. Some of the funds have recently weakened, but investors have done very well over a three-year period: the BlackRock fund has a return of 37 percent per year, the Fidelity fund 34 percent and the Deka fund 28 percent. According to Orlemann, “there’s always something going on” when it comes to trading in biotech funds, such as DWS Biotech (DE0009769976). “But the funds continue to fluctuate strongly in price.” There is also a lot going on in the AB International Health Care Portfolio (LU0251853072). He invests worldwide in companies from the healthcare sector and has a three-year return of 17 percent per year. Eco funds: This is where the music plays According to Orlemann, investors also continue to like to use sustainability funds – for example the ÖkoWorld funds such as the ÖkoWorld ÖkoVision Classic (LU0061928585) , the ÖkoWorld Klima (LU0301152442) and the ÖkoWorld Rock`n`Roll (LU0380798750). “They’re always at the front.” However, the DKB sustainability fund for climate protection (LU0117118124) and Swisscanto (LU) Port Green (LU0136171559) are also popular reported to Baader Bank. Investors sold, for example, Fondak (DE0008471012), Deutsche Quant Equity Low Volatility Europe (DE0008490822), Morgan Stanley INVF Global Opportunity (LU0552385295) and Pictet-Global Megatrend Selection (LU0386885296). On the other hand, the DWS Concept Platow (LU1865032954) and UniGlobal (DE0008491051) are on the shopping lists. For example, investors stocked up on Fidelity Greater China (LU0048580855) and Asia Pacific-wide AGIF Allianz Oriental Income (LU0348784041), but sold off Templeton China (LU0188151178) and Fidelity Funds Asian Smaller Companies Fund (LU0702159772).by Anna-Maria Borse, January 13, 2022 © Deutsche Börse(Deutsche Börse AG is solely responsible for the content of the column. The articles are not an invitation to buy or sell securities or other assets.)

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