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“Fortnite”: Game should come back to the iPhone after Apple was kicked out – Game News


It’s a return through the back door…Apple had the game hit “Fortnite” in the summer of 2020 App Store banned. Starting next week, the title should return to the iPhone – via the GeForce Now streaming service.Chipmaker Nvidia, the operator of the service, has now announced that “Fortnite” will be streamed to mobile devices. According to the announcement, this is possible on mobile phones such as the iPhone with the iOS operating system in the Safari browser. On Android devices, it works through the GeForce Now app.

Beta starting next week

The offer will first be tested in a beta phase, for which game fans can now register on a waiting list. The offer should initially only be available to a few users.

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For the first time, the streaming version of “Fortnite” can be played with a specially developed touch control. For PC games that are streamed via GeForce Now, the operator has so far recommended a gamepad for control.With game streaming, the games are displayed on the user’s screen, but actually do not run on the devices, but on the providers’ servers in the network. A fast internet connection is therefore required so that there are no delays in the control.

“Fortnite” was dropped from the App Store in August 2020 after the developer Epic Games used a trick to add its own payment function to the game. This allowed “Fortnite” items to be bought directly from Epic – according to Apple, a violation of the App Store rules. The iPhone maker earns a commission on every transaction through the App Store.Apple was right in court: the ejection of “Fortnite” was justified. Epic then appealed – a process that could take years. Apple announced that it would not allow Fortnite back into the App Store for the entire duration of the appeals process.On Android smartphones, Google also threw “Fortnite” out of its in-house app platform Play Store due to similar circumstances. However, apps can also be loaded on the phones from other sources.

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