Home Entertainment Fernanda Brandao surprises fans: where did her baby ball go?

Fernanda Brandao surprises fans: where did her baby ball go?

Fernanda Brandao surprises fans: where did her baby ball go?

It wasn’t until the end of November that the former “Hot Banditoz” singer Fernanda Brandao (38) dropped the baby bomb. She is expecting her first child soon. Hamburg/Lapland – The former “Hot Banditoz” singer only left at the end of November Fernanda Brandao (38) the baby bomb burst. Ex-DSDS juror Fernanda Brandao (38) exchanged six-pack for baby ball. © Screenshot Instagram/fernanda_brandao The Brazilian is expecting her first child with her partner Roman Weber (36) soon. But that’s not all: the two also got engaged and are now planning their future family life in their new homeland of Lapland. The child should be born as a “nomad baby” in a hut in the country, as Fernanda revealed in an interview. Physically, Fernanda, who is now eight months pregnant, has of course changed quite a bit: her well-trained body gave way a giant baby ball. Nothing is left of the fitness trainer’s six-pack, as she showed in the before and after photos.

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But the latest Instagram post by the 38-year-old raises a few questions … It’s the perspective that matters: Fernanda is expecting her first child soon. © Screenshot Instagram/fernanda_brandao Fernanda posted a photo this week of herself smiling at the camera in a comfy jogger. She keeps her hands hidden in the pockets of her sweater – but where is her baby bump? Has the 38-year-old’s child been born for a long time? “You think I don’t look pregnant?” Fernanda asks her fans in the comment on the picture. “Then swipe again…” And indeed: From a different perspective, Fernanda’s baby bump is clearly visible again. “It’s unbelievable what effect matching clothing has,” concludes the singer about the optical illusion.

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Of course, her fans like her from every perspective: “Such beautiful pictures of you,” writes a user. “Becoming a mother makes you even more beautiful, dear Fernanda,” says another follower of the photos. And elsewhere it says: “You already had everything before and now even more!”

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