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Fading Kitten Syndrome in Cats


Failing kitten syndrome (FKS) is heartbreaking for rescuers and cat owners who look after kittens in their first days. If you frequently attend cat births it is frustrating to watch kittens suddenly “fade” and die under the most careful care. But, a very observant caregiver may be able to detect the signs of FKS and increase chances for the kitten to survive.

What Is Fading Kitten Syndrome

The condition known as fading kitten syndrome isn’t an illness, but an assortment of symptoms that manifest when newborn (newborn) kittens. Where Do Birds Go At Night They are a sign of their declining health rapidly. Kitten mortality is at its highest during that first few weeks of their lives which accounts for up to 90% of cat deaths. An estimated 16% of kittens die before weaning.1

FKS is a complex disorder with many possible causes, but the most obvious sign of this disorder is the mysterious death of a young kitten. Due to this, FKS is often compared with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in humans.

Symptoms of Fading Kitten Syndrome in Cats

There are signs that a kitten could be at danger of becoming afflicted with the condition known as fading kitten syndrome. The people who help and foster pregnant cats as well as foster kittens need to recognize the symptoms of FKS since the children of feral or stray cats are especially susceptible to this disease. The symptoms to look out for are:Kittens with FKS tend to be the smallest among the litter. They are born with a lower weight and aren’t as active as their littermates.

Healthy kittens nurse immediately upon the birth. A kitten who is dying is typically not capable of grasping and hold the mother cat’s nupple. For the first 72 hours of nursing following birth, healthy kittens who are nursing properly receive special milk, referred to as colonstrum. The colostrum is an essential source of nutrients as well as antibodies. 

Colostrum provides the kitten with an immune system that allows them to grow and develop until they be vaccinated or stop breastfeeding. If a kitten is unable to nurse and must be fed through a bottle it won’t receive colonostrum which is why it’s more likely that they develop FKS. 2

Mother cats are aware that they

see weak kittens and could leave it to the kittens she has. This is an instinctual response intended to protect healthier kittens.Because newborns don’t have the ability to control their temperature and body temperatures, they rely on their mother to provide warmth.

 So, kittens who are abandoned or kittens that are straying from their mother quickly begin to develop hypothermia. The kittens who are hypothermic will be agitated. The gums and mouth of the kitten are a blueish hue instead of the healthy, pink. It could be fatal if human intervention is not made. More

Diagnosing Fading Kitten Syndrome in Cats

The diagnosis of FKS is usually determined by the presence of signs in a newborn kitten, which may include lethargy absence of nursing, or breathing difficulties. A vet may also examine the kitten for any infection or parasites.

The Prognosis of Cats that have Fading Kittens Syndrome

The prognosis can be skewed in the case of faded kitten syndrome. The majority of kittens suffering from these symptoms end up dying. can cats eat bananas

Treatment and Prevention

The doctor will prescribe the best course of action to combat any infection as well as prevent hypothermiaand malnutrition and dehydration.

Because FKS is a nebulous disorder that can be found in cats that are feral There is no guaranteed method to avoid it. The best way to prevent it is to treat the particular symptoms of an unwell kitten and pray for the most favorable outcome.

If the kitten doesn’t make it be assured that you tried the best you could to help them. Try to focus your focus towards the mother cat and other kittens, to ensure they are well and healthy.