Home Entertainment Ex-“Bauer sucht-Frau” candidate will soon be seen in a new TV format

Ex-“Bauer sucht-Frau” candidate will soon be seen in a new TV format

Ex-“Bauer sucht-Frau” candidate will soon be seen in a new TV format

Schäfer Heinrich found it difficult to take part in trash TV shows again. Until now.screenshot/instagram @schaefer_heinrich_original15.01.2022, 14:0715.01.2022, 14:13Schäfer Heinrich became known in 2008 through the RTL program “Bauer sucht Frau”, in which he was one of ten participating farmers after the big love searched. The Sauerland conquered the hearts of the audience with an old shepherd’s song and reached number 6 in the German single charts. Further Schlager recordings and numerous live performances in German-speaking countries followed. Actually, he is said to have had no desire for reality TV formats. Now serious financial worries have apparently made him rethink.

RTL2 format should save him

According to “Image” Schäfer Heinrich, whose real name is Heinrich Gersmeier, is said to be the new candidate for the RTL2 show “Kampf der Realitystars” this week Thailand to have flown. The third season of the series is currently being recorded there with host Cathy Hummels. RTL2 is said to have persuaded the cult builder to participate due to his serious money problems. According to “Bild” information, his fee should be paid amount to 20,000 euros.

serious money problems

The popular farmer has been fighting for his existence for several years. Since the Corona crisis, he has had almost no performances and therefore no income to finance his farm. In addition, Heinrichs Hof and Weideland were badly hit by the flood disaster this summer. Persistent periods of drought and a sharp drop in births among his sheep caused the shepherd great concern. He told the “Bild” last year that he would soon be broke. “I’m really scared for my existence.”

Help from the “Junk Squad”

Finally, the “junk squad” even came to Heinrich’s farm to sell one or the other belongings and flush some money into his coffers. At a house flea market including a personal appearance by Heinrich, a total of 1391 euros could be earned for the full-blooded entertainer. Heinrich was grateful: “You are such lovely people. It’s good that you help me a little”.(abd) Daniel Craig played James Bond for 15 years. His last 007 film “No Time to Die” came out last year. The Brit had announced in advance that he would no longer play the secret agent. Since then, the public has been speculating about who will slip into what is probably the most prestigious film role of all time in the future.

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