Home Sports Erling Haaland complains about Borussia Dortmund: “The club puts pressure on me”

Erling Haaland complains about Borussia Dortmund: “The club puts pressure on me”

Erling Haaland complains about Borussia Dortmund:

A few minutes after Dortmund’s thrashing of Freiburg, two-time goalscorer Erling Haaland caused a stir in an interview. The goalscorer made the BVB bosses look pretty bad. Hans-Joachim Watzke reacted promptly. Borussia Dortmund experienced an almost perfect evening in the 5-1 win against Freiburg – until Erling Haaland stepped up to the microphone of the Norwegian TV broadcaster Viaplay Fotball a few minutes after the final whistle at Jan Age Fjörtoft and started. Haaland told a little about the game and when When it came to his still uncertain future at BVB, the striker surprised with surprisingly spicy statements. “The club is putting me under pressure, I should make a decision. I have to accept that. But I just want to play football,” said Haaland.

Haaland: “I guess I have to come to potte…”

“I haven’t said anything out of respect for Dortmund for the past six months, I’ve let everyone else talk around the world. And that probably means that I have to come to Potte now. They want an answer. That means things have to happen.” In fact, it was the 21-year-old’s first public appearance in several months, Haaland had recently withdrawn completely and no longer attended any interviews. BVB grades: Meunier suddenly a header monster – Dahoud extremely strong 1/17Borussia Dortmund stays close to Bayern: At the start of the 19th match day, BVB dismantled an overstrained SC Freiburg 5:1. The grades and individual reviews of all BVB players used. 2/17GREGOR KOBEL: In the 1st half just busy not getting hypothermic. After the break, I was lucky that Demirovic messed up the goal. In front of the guests’ goal, he unhappily fends off Sallai’s cracker in the middle. Grade: 3.5. 3/17THOMAS MEUNIER: Suddenly a header monster? As a specialist in standards, he had not previously attracted attention – now with a double pack. Otherwise a good game. Carefully backwards, like Hummels’ careless mistake (22nd). Rating: 1.5. 4/17EMRE CAN: The all-rounder was supposed to extend Akanji’s break a bit. But then had to leave the pitch at the break himself. Said goodbye beforehand with a good block against Höler. Grade: 3.5. 5/17MATS HUMMELS: Small mistake right at the beginning, which the colleagues ironed out. Otherwise very sovereign. Hardly let any attacks through to the BVB goal. Many ball actions (118), great pass rate (88 percent), strong in the game structure. Grade: 2.5. 6/17RAPHAEL GUERREIRO: Often went on the offensive, but wasn’t as dangerous as usual. Strong direct free kick from 20 meters that Freiburg keeper Uphoff had a lot of trouble with. Before 1: 3 Freiburg clearly too hesitant. Grade: 3.5. 7/17JUDE BELLINGHAM: As always found all over the place. Ran perfectly into the gap, but the Reus pass was too short (19th). Sent Haaland on the journey several times, one of his assists led to the 3-0. Grade: 2. 8/17MO DAHOUD: Very strong performance. Against tame Freiburg without much effort in defensive midfield. Left almost nothing to burn as a solo six. Strong ball acquisition plus pass in front of 4: 1, he scored the fifth goal himself (86th). Rating: 1.5. 9/17JULIAN BRANDT: Confirmed the uptrend of the last few weeks. His well-timed corners put BVB on course early on. Already the assists five and six of the midfield engine. But often still too playful. Grade: 2. 10/17 MARCO REUS: The captain with a large workload. Helped out a lot in his own half, going forward with some ideas. But often far too imprecise. Twice with bad passes to Bellingham (19th, 69th), there could have been a goal each time. Grade: 3.5. 11/17DONYELL MALEN: Nice finish after just eleven minutes. Very eager, with good tricks and combinations. But could only rarely prevail dangerously. Starting point before the fifth goal of Dortmund. Grade: 3. 12/17ERLING HAALAND: Three games in a row without a goal? Not with the Norwegian. Shortly before the change of sides, he ended his mini goal flurry. Also worked a lot for the team and later rewarded himself with the 15th goal of the season. Grade: 1.5. 13/17MANUEL AKANJI: Back on the pitch sooner than expected after a mini-OP. Had to get to the start of the second half for Can. Sovereign. Grade: 3. 14/17 NICO SCHULZ: In the last 20 minutes for Guerreiro on the field. Collected a template worth seeing at 5: 1. No rating. 15/17THORGAN HAZARD: Was allowed to provide momentum instead of Reus from the 71st minute. But that succeeded rather solala. Hardly brought any new impetus. No rating. 16/17 MARIUS WOLF: Replaced match winner Meunier in the 76th minute. Not enough time to earn plus points. No rating. 17/17AXEL WITSEL: Six minutes of short use because the long-running favorite Bellingham lacked the power at the end. No rating.

Haaland wants to “set things in motion”

The 21-year-old still has a contract with BVB until June 2024. However, he can leave the DFB Cup winner in the summer because of an exit clause for 75 million euros. BVB officials recently said that they want to sit down with Haaland and those around him soon to clarify the future of the Sturmjuwel. “I don’t want to think about anything other than football because it gets difficult when I have other things on my mind , but now they’ve been pushing for so long that I’m going to start things,” said Haaland. In an “ideal world” he would not decide now. “We’re in a tough period with a lot of games, I really just want to play football but I can’t.”

Watzke “cannot understand” Haaland’s statements

Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke reacted to the criticism with incomprehension. “We’re not putting Erling under pressure at all. There are currently no talks or appointments, so I can’t understand it,” Watzke told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “We can’t wait until May, that’ll make sense to him too. As a professional, he has to understand that at some point you’ll talk about the future,” said Watzke, but also showed understanding for Haaland: “Erling is a spontaneous person and another young lad, he’s allowed to do that, that’s no problem.” He himself has “a great relationship” with Haaland. But he also has to “have a bit of understanding for our situation”. At the moment, Haaland “doesn’t want to think about anything other than football because it gets difficult when I have other things on my mind, but now they’ve been pushing for so long that I have to will set things in motion,” said Haaland. In an “ideal world” he would not decide now: “We are in a tough phase with a lot of games, I really only want to play football, but I can’t do that.” Watzke has at least not completely written off Haaland: “What does hope mean ? If that’s the case, we’re very happy. And if it’s different, we’ll solve it.”

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