Home Health Does Corona contact tracing still make sense?

Does Corona contact tracing still make sense?

Does Corona contact tracing still make sense?

Cologne (dpa) – Contact tracking after corona infections is no longer appropriate from the point of view of a virologist. “In terms of incidence, the health authorities can no longer cope,” said the scientist Klaus Stöhr in the podcast “Die Wochentester” of the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”. “When a large part of the population is mildly and asymptomatically infected and has antibodies, a so-called contact-tracing quarantine becomes pointless,” said the former head of the World Health Organization’s influenza program. Combination of vaccination protection and infection According to Stöhr, the best way out of the pandemic would be if the vaccinated got infected. “There will then be long-lasting immune protection in the package,” said the scientist. “The combination of vaccination protection and infection is actually the way.” The Hamburg intensive care doctor Stefan Kluge pointed out that such an argument about the infection in vaccinated people remains very theoretical. In addition, the path of mass infection is extremely dangerous. It is true that in the event of an infection – provided you have received a booster vaccination and do not have any serious previous illnesses such as cancer – “as a rule” no serious course of the disease is to be expected. “And after that I really have very, very good immune protection against the next infection,” said the lung specialist of the German Press Agency. However, he gave some reasons against the procedure. Overload of the health system “If everyone gets infected at the same time, then the German health system will collapse. We cannot cope with that,” said the expert. In addition to the medical facilities, he believes that the uncontrolled acceptance of infections would also hit all other relevant facilities hard. You also have to think of the people who are boosted but whose immune protection is so impaired by serious illnesses that they definitely cannot of a variant of the coronavirus, emphasizes Kluge. In addition, there were millions of unvaccinated people over 60, who were particularly at risk for severe courses. With a view to the rapidly spreading omicron variant, the intensive care doctor also emphasized: “We still know too little about possible long-term consequences to now allow infections uncontrolled.”

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