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Djokovic exposes Swiss Press – Inside Paradeplatz


Monkey theater is still the foreword. Australia has just left the rule of law group. Anyone who wants to belong respects the separation between executive and judiciary. But in Australia, a minister can simply annul a court decision. Whatever you think of Novak Djokovic: He applied for a proper visa and was issued with it. That was canceled to him at the border. On the other hand, he took legal action, and the judge decided to let him enter the country. Now a minister claims that he is making decisions for “reasons of health protection and in the interests of the public”. He probably means: He decides for reasons of re-election and in the interests of his party. Just imagine: a Swiss court makes a judgment. Then a Federal Councilor comes along and says: oh no, in the interests of the opinion polls and in order to keep my job, I’m going to reverse the decision. There would be – rightly so – an outcry through Switzerland. Australia’s policy towards asylum seekers and immigrants has been a scandal for years. Refugees have been squatting in inhumane conditions in camps outside of Australia for many years. Lawless, guarded by private companies that provide a minimum of necessities for maximum profit. The deportation hotel in which Djokovic had to spend the first few days is almost the luxury edition of these prisons. This is the Australian scandal. Far away, down under, who cares. But there is also a Swiss scandal, and that is the coverage of this Australian madness. Does one of our quality journalists mention this constitutional scandal? Oh no, you’d rather massage all the prejudices and racist clichés that you can bring up against Serbs. They are megalomaniacs, Djokovic is a “Schwurbler”. The Serbian “riot press” is on its way to the world war, if the number one is actually allowed to take part in the tournament, there will be “riots” and civil war in Australia. Or in one sentence: “The world number one has become a symbol of egocentricity, intransigence, inequality and a global leader of the opponents of vaccination.” This appeared, accompanied by demagogic photos of a grim, unshaven Serb, mouth open to scream, with piercing eyes not in tabloid media, but in the alleged quality group Tamedia. Its Big Boss Pietro Supino, a big supporter of the additional media billion, says without blushing: “The most important contribution that we as an industry can make is reliable information for the population about facts and opinions.” Small correction, Mr. Supino: it need the subjunctive. “Could afford”, it would be correct. Because what Tamedia is doing here as a media empire that, with a total of 15 daily newspapers, shares the day-to-day business with CH Media as a duopoly (the NZZ is only for a few, and the “Blick”, oh yes), that is pathetic. An editor with Kosovan roots is allowed to lead the rushing pack. without making it clear to the reader. He can hand it out, but he doesn’t respond to a journalist’s request. Given the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, it’s kind of like a North Korean writing about South Korea – and it’s not made transparent to the reader. Personalization, stigmatization, using the same disrespectful adjectives in a repeat loop, depicting a Serb, all Serbs as lunatics suffering from complexes who are once again following a “false martyr”, what does all this have to do with quality journalism? What reason could Tamedia give as to why the group should be supported with tax money? Because the media clans pocketed billions in profits in recent years instead of making urgently needed investments in technological change? Because their managers watched with open mouths as Google, Facebook & Co. cut off over 90 percent of the online advertising pie? Because instead of pluralism and diversity of opinion, two central editorial offices of Tamedia and CH Media fill a total of 36 newspapers in Switzerland from Basel to Bern, from Aarau to St. Gallen, from Zurich to Lucerne with the same porridge? The truth is concrete. The Djokovic case is an example of how low this journalism has sunk. It’s not worth a tax cent. Not to mention a billion in taxes.

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