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District of Konstanz: Omikron won’t give up: More infected people in the district of Konstanz again

District of Konstanz: Omikron won't give up: More infected people in the district of Konstanz again

According to the figures from the State Health Office, the seven-day incidence in the district of Konstanz is 1479. However, the official figure is too low, explains District Administrator Zeno Danner in the Corona conference of the district office. At the moment there is a delay in reporting to the state health department – in reality the incidence is higher, there are around 1000 cases behind, says Stefan Basel, deputy head of the health department.

  • Location in the clinics: In the clinics, the workload has increased significantly again due to the increased number of cases. In the Hegau-Bodensee-Kliniken, 40 patients are in isolation, 38 of them with proven infection (as of March 8), as Frank Hinder, medical director, reports. In Singen, twelve Covid patients are in the normal ward, and the diagnosis of another is still unclear. Seven corona patients are being cared for in the intensive care unit, one is suspected. 19 patients with proven infection are hospitalized in Radolfzell. 21 Covid patients are treated at the Konstanz Clinic, eleven confirmed cases in the general ward plus six suspected cases. There are also three cases in the intensive care unit plus one suspected case.
  • Impact on staff and patients: “The situation is manageable,” says Marcus Schuchmann, “but it exerts pressure.” Bed resources are reduced. Many interventions that can be planned are being canceled at the moment. All patients are still being tested, those with Covid are isolated, and there are strict controls on visitors, says Hinder. “According to the Corona regulation, we have to do that.” But the high level of protection is also unavoidable if you want to prevent even more staff from falling ill.
  • Less heavy fill: Although the clinics continue to be burdened with many patients, the severity of the disease has decreased. The medical directors report that there is no increase in the number of deaths. “At the moment the patients are in the intensive care unit ‘with Covid’, not ‘because of Covid’,” explains Hinder. That was different with the Delta variant, although the Covid symptoms themselves endangered the lives of the patients.
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  • More frequent re-infections: A striking number of people fall ill again despite vaccinations and recovering from Covid disease. The health department is currently observing this. There are no figures for this yet, says Stefan Basel, “but we are currently evaluating these cases”. Possibly the re-infections were also related to the subvariant of omicron, BA.2, adds Danner.
  • Vaccinations: “Not much is happening with the vaccination rate,” says Danner, referring to the vaccination centers. Those who are not vaccinated now make a conscious decision not to do so.

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