Home Technology Discord, C8 and Spotify – A failure due to a Cyberattack?

Discord, C8 and Spotify – A failure due to a Cyberattack?

Discord, C8 and Spotify - A failure due to a Cyberattack?


You will no doubt have noticed it if you are a follower of Discord, but the communication platform used by students and gamers around the world has suffered an unexplained outage for the time being.

The Cyberattack is gaining momentum with TikTok, Amazon, Youtube, Netflix and Google A giant Cyberattack seems to be underway on the web, Amazon, Google, YouTube, no one seems spared, after the Discord, Spotify and C8 bug, c It’s the turn of the most important companies on the net to suffer this attack…

No, it’s not your PC or your connection that has failed, but Discord, the instant chat service that is down. For a few hours, impossible to send and receive messages. The outage is now almost resolved but the official Twitter account did not give more information than that.

In the meantime, some users have found an original way to continue communicating using Discord’s personalized statuses. For those who use Discord to communicate by voice, no worries, since the voice system is working very well for the moment, no failure on that side.

A cyberattack in progress?

On Twitter, conspiracy theses are still legion, and some do not hesitate to affirm that this Discord bug, which would not be isolated, could be the result of a Cyberattack… from Russia! Just that, after all, nothing is excluded, recently, a Russian Cyberattack had “broken down” a satellite allowing the Internet to be distributed to thousands of Internet users in France.

User reactions to Discord outage

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