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Dinslaken: ATM blown up – LKA contains explosives

Dinslaken: ATM blown up - LKA contains explosives

Dinslaken. The ATM in Dinslaken-Lohberg was blown up again. The single home is badly damaged. A live explosive device was still on site. The shop window of the Sparkasse in the Lohberg home for singles blew up onto the street, the detonation that criminals triggered on Friday morning was so powerful: the ATM of the branch on Steigerstrasse was blown up again. The residents were woken up at 4 a.m. by the explosion and saw three perpetrators flee in a dark-colored car. The last time unknown perpetrators tampered with the ATM was in October. Around the same time – 4:10 am – they tried to blow up the ATM. There was no damage to the building, but the ATM was out of order for a few weeks. The police could not say on Friday whether the same perpetrators returned to complete their work. There are too many criminal groups, many travel from the Netherlands, according to the officials.

Single home is badly damaged

However, the perpetrators acted more thoroughly this time than in October: The explosion not only pushed the window panes out of their frames, water pipes in the basement also ripped and the facade of the singles’ home has cracks – as does the stairwell, reports Janet Rauch, managing director of the Singles’ Home Foundation who slept in the building that night. The police spoke of “considerable damage” in the morning. According to the police, the damage to the home is significant. Photo: Arnulf Stoffel / FUNKE Foto Services The home for singles has to be cleared. The building is currently uninhabitable. Structural engineers from the city of Dinslaken’s building regulations are on site in the morning, but can only examine the damage to the monument in the afternoon. Because the perpetrators left behind a sharp explosive device: A black, flat box with wires sticking out of it. The police and fire brigade cordon off the entire area around the home for singles, and the residents of the houses across the street are not allowed to enter or leave them. The fire brigade and police cordon off the entire area around the home for singles, and the residents of the houses across the street are not allowed to enter or leave them. 34 residents are looked after and supplied by the city of Dinslaken, Mayor Michaela Eislöffel also talks to them. Others are waiting on Johannesplatz because they were unable to go to work due to the closure or are prevented from doing other things. Two schoolboys stop on the way to the school bus and admire the scenery with wide eyes. When they also got a private audience from the fire brigade, they missed the bus. But what I saw was probably much more exciting than the first math lesson anyway.

Experts in protective suits

The LKA from Düsseldorf arrives with experts in protective suits and a special robot. The device, which looks like a small tank, examines and X-rays the suspect box on site. And then nothing happens for a very long time. On-site mitigation is not possible, a special LKA vehicle must be ordered. When the SUV pulls up with the seemingly inconspicuous blue trailer, it’s already after 11 a.m. The LKA employees uncover a capsule under the blue tarpaulin. Also read:

The special forces wear protective suits. Photo: Arnulf Stoffel / FUNKE Foto Services Even the emergency services on site have never seen the spectacle that followed. They stand in a long line behind the barrier and follow how the robot approaches the explosive device in slow motion, grabs it with its gripper and then rolls towards the trailer – centimeter by centimeter so as not to trigger any vibrations. When the gripper stows the explosive device in the capsule, it is dead quiet. Another explosion can be heard around 2 p.m.: The explosive device is detonated in a controlled manner at the foot of the heap. The building is now released and can be examined. The stability of the building is guaranteed, no load-bearing parts are affected, which is fortunately the result, according to city spokesman Marcel Sturm: “The building can be entered again – with the exception of the savings bank area affected.”

Fog hinders the search for perpetrators

There is no trace of the perpetrators on Friday. They probably also benefited from the weather, reports the police: A helicopter could not be used for the search because of the fog. A woman reports that several residents filmed the fleeing vehicle with the three perpetrators. The home for singles was completely cordoned off. Photo: aha / nrz The police and the Sparkasse do not comment on whether the perpetrators made any loot. The extent of the property damage must now be clarified. In contrast to the last time, this time the ATM was “completely blown up, nothing of it is usable anymore,” said Friedrich-Wilhelm Häfemeier, CEO of Niederrheinische Sparkasse (Nispa). Lohberger, who fear that not only Edeka will close, but also that Nispa will no longer set up the machine, can calm Häfemeier. “We’re not withdrawing from Lohberg.” Only how and possibly where Nispa wants to supply the district must now be clarified in view of the damage caused by the explosion. More articles from this category can be found here: Dinslaken / Hünxe / Voerde

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