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DHB selection makes it exciting against Belarus at the European Handball Championship – and wins

DHB selection makes it exciting against Belarus at the European Handball Championship - and wins

The DHB selection meets Belarus at the EM.© Ingrid Anderson-Jensen/ImagoThe DHB selection starts with a win against Belarus in the European Handball Championship 2022. It was sluggish in the first half, but then everything was good in the second half .

Germany – Belarus 33:29

>>> Update live ticker <<After the game: At the start of the European Handball Championship, the German team achieved their first victory against Belarus with a fighting performance. Alfred Gislason’s team struggled early in the first half and quickly ran after a 7-2 deficit. The reason for this were many technical errors and ball losses. In the second half, the will and the physique was better and the Germans were able to secure their first victory. Austria is waiting on Sunday, and Poland on Tuesday. Two feasible opponents for the German team. 33:29 – That’s it, Germany wins against Belarus at the start of the European Handball Championship. On Sunday we continue against Austria. We are there for you again in the live ticker. 33:29 – Schiller again32:29 – The Germans missed a few goals they thought were safe with about a minute to go. Belarus scores on the other side.32:28 – Belarus scores32:27 – Seven meters for Belarus and the third time penalty and red against Wiencek. Wolff parried. It was so important to him!32:27 – Not quite three minutes left to play32:27 – The German team was extremely nervous in the first half, but can now show their strength in the second half. 31:27 – Belarus scored again31:26 – Schiller makes the next goal for Germany. 30:26 – Six and a half minutes left to play. Things are looking good for the German team now, four goals is an important lead. Belarus seems to be running out of breath. 30:26 – Great goal by Golla after a sensational pass by playmaker Philipp Weber29:26 – Germany with three goals ahead. The 53rd minute is running28:26 – Third time penalty for the 74 of Belarus. So he sees the red card and out for the game28:26 – The game remains exciting28:25 – Bold with a really strong hit from the second row27:25 – Belarus still close with 11 minutes left27:24 -Seven meters for Germany after defending in a circle. Schiller hits more and more. 26:24 – The goalkeeper from Belarus becomes a factor, he keeps more and more balls from the DHB team26:24 – Belarus stays close to the Germans26:23 – Häfner scores again25:23 – Next goal for Belarus. Two minutes time penalty for the Germans. 25:22 – Belarus scores25:21 – The game is 42 minutes old and the German team has shown their strength and ambitions in the second half so far. 25:21 – The German team pulls away with four goals24:21 – And on, on and on23:21 – Now Belarus again23:20 – Outnumbered goal22:20 – Two minutes for the Germans22:20 – Things are going better for the German team now. Wolff holds, the DHB selection now shows combinations in front of the goal that lead to success. 21:20 – Again a mistake by Belarus will be punished. 20:20 -Seven meters for Germany after defending in a circle. Schiller continues safely from seven meters.19:20 – Direct retaliation from Belarus19:19 – Ball conquest of the German team, Kühn hits.18:19 – The circle hits17:19 – Wolff can’t stop him again17:18 – Right at the beginning of the second half, the German team lost the ball – and a penalty for Belarus17:18 – And on we go

DHB team has to play against Belarus at the beginning of the handball championship – and is struggling

17:18 – Germany scores again. Now it’s time for a break16:18 – Penalties for Belarus after a wrong decision by the referees. They want to see defense in the circle, but the replay shows that it wasn’t like that. 16:17 – Schiller sovereign15:17 – Two minutes left in the first half. Seven meters for Germany.15:17 – Easy goals for Belarus and another time penalty for Germany. The DHB team is now twice the number.15:16 – Häfner scores14:16 – Goal for Belarus and two minutes penalty for the German team.14:15 – Bold counters13:15 – Two goals in a row for Belarus again13:14 – Belarus on par with the Germans. 13:13 – Steinert with the 13:13. Six and a half minutes left in the first half. 12:13 – Penalties for Belarus. Wolff can’t hold again. 12:12 – Schiller scores11:12 – Another two minutes for Belarus and a penalty for Germany11:12 – And the leadership for Belarus11:11 – Compensation for Belarus11:10 – Leadership for the German team10:10 – Compensation9:10 – Germany is catching up8:10 – Belarus throws the ball clearly wide of the goal, so the German team can now get close to a goal.8:10 -The German team conquers the ball, Häfner hits. 7:10 – Schiller sovereign6:10 – Another two minutes for Belarus because of a hit in the face and a penalty for the German team. 17 minutes have been played. 6:10 – Andreas Wolff has no chance6:9 – Defense in the circle: seven meters for Belarus6:9 – The Germans haven’t found the circle yet, so hits from the second row have to serve5:9 – The next goal for Belarus5:8 – Direct counterattack by the Germans4:8 – The 55 from Belarus sinks him against Wolff4:7 – Penalties for Belarus4:7 – Häfner scores the next goal – and the second two-minute penalty for the 74 from Belarus. 3:7 – Häfner makes the third goal for Germany – and Wolff parries directly on the other side. 2:7 – Next goal for Belarus. Gislason draws his first conclusions from this. In addition to a time-out, the goalkeeper is replaced. Andreas Wolff replaces Till Klimpke. 2:6 – Belarus pull away by four goals. More and more technical errors to be recognized by the German team.2:5 – The Germans produce a lot of bad passes, in front of the goal the team still emits almost no danger. 2:5 – Double strike of the German opponent. 2:4 – Belarus pulls away2:3 – Leadership for Belarus2:2 – Five minutes played, the German team is wide awake right away, but has difficulties at the beginning. The defenders from Belarus are always close to the Germans and make the attack more difficult. 2:2 – Compensation of Belarus2:1 -Playmaker Weber puts the Germans in the lead1:1 – First goal for Germany0:1 – First majority situation for the German team. After a hand in the face there is a two-minute penalty for Belarus.0:1 – Belarus scores the first goal of the game.0:0 – Here we go!******************************************** *********************************+++ 5:57 p.m.: The anthems are playing, the game starts in a few minutes. We can be curious to see how the German team fares.+++ 5.48 p.m.: Incidentally, the European Handball Championship in Hungary and Slovakia is the first major tournament for eight German players. Of course you want to prove yourself to national coach Alfred Gislason. +++ 5.46 p.m.: It starts in 14 minutes, the German national handball team starts in the European Championship. The hall in Bratislava is 1/4 full, so many spectators can follow the game between the DHB team and Belarus live. +++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker for the first game of the German national handball team at the European Handball Championship 2022. My name is Melanie Gottschalk and I will accompany you through the game against Belarus today. But even before that, exciting facts about the game and the European Handball Championships in Hungary and Slovakia are waiting for you here. The game will then kick off at 6 p.m. First report from Friday, January 14th, 2022, 3:01 p.m.: Bratislava – Alfred Gislason kept a straight face. His target for the start of the tournament? “Win,” said the national coach with great focus and zest for action. Before the start of the European Championship against Belarus on Friday (6:00 p.m. / ARD), the German handball players scratch their hooves, the DHB team is determined.

DFB selection: looking forward to the start of the European Handball Championship in 2022

“It feels a bit different than in previous years,” said backcourt player Julius Kühn on Thursday in the icy cold Bratislava: “There’s something special in the air for us.” , what is to come. Now the reality is, now we can start.” In fact, after the intensive preparation, no one really knows where the German team stands. Playmaker Philipp Weber even called the DHB selection a “lucky bag” in view of the successful dress rehearsal against Olympic champion France.
And so Gislason spoke before the start against what is probably the strongest German opponent in the preliminary round of a “pioneering” game and put the chances at “50:50”. It is “not a final, but coming into the tournament with a positive experience would be extremely important for the further course”. Other German preliminary round opponents are Austria and Poland.

DFB selection: Respect for the opening opponent of the European Handball Championship 2022

After years of sadness with lots of tournament disappointments since winning the title in 2016, the completely renewed team around captain Johannes Golla wants to spark a new handball euphoria in Germany. There is no association requirement this time, the carelessness of the internationally inexperienced team should become the big trump card. In the end, seven players are celebrating their tournament debut in Slovakia. “The tension is not too great because I have a good feeling,” said the new leader Golla, who took over the captaincy from the resigned Uwe Gensheimer. The only concern of the German delegation was the precarious corona situation. On Thursday, the Poles, who are staying in the same hotel as the German team who have been spared so far, reported five new cases. “We just have to stay healthy, then we’ll get relatively far,” said Kühn with a wink – knowing full well that the impacts are getting closer.

DFH selection: national coach Gislason has plenty of staff to draw from

In terms of personnel, Gislason can probably draw on plenty on Friday. Weber’s bruised shoulder still pinched in the first team training session in Bratislava, but Gislason “assumes that he will be ready for the game – just like everyone else”. With Weber it is “extremely important that he is fully fit”. Gislason’s team can play freely. The failures in recent years, with the negative climax of the worst World Cup placement in history in Egypt a year ago, have left their mark not only on the top of the association. At home, too, expectations are manageable.
“Alfred has initiated a change and has a lot of young people with him,” said long-time national player Pascal Hens. That’s why the “disappointment isn’t that big” if it doesn’t work that way. However, the German team also had “the opportunity to surprise positively”. (msb)

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