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Design update after 10 years of waiting

Design update after 10 years of waiting

In 2012, Microsoft released one of the biggest flops in recent company history. We are talking about Windows 8, which as the official successor to Windows 7 never achieved its popularity. Inspired by the iPad, they wanted to offer two worlds – the classic desktop plus a touch-optimized user interface called Modern UI. The Modern UI-style volume control survived Windows 8 and is also found in Windows 10 and Windows 11. With the new Windows 11 Insider Preview 2253, the volume control finally gets a new look in the new mica design. Preview build 22533 is now being distributed to registered Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

The clock app can be completely uninstalled on Windows 11

Microsoft has added other small innovations to the new preview version of Windows 11 Version 22H2. Language access can now be accessed directly in the taskbar settings. If you want, you can also pin the text dictation function to the taskbar or start menu. Speaking of the start menu: If you right-click on the start button or press the key combination Windows + X, the so-called power menu appears. Instead of the “Apps & Features” entry, you can find the “Installed Apps” item, which leads directly to an overview of all installed programs and apps. If you want, you can now also uninstall the pre-installed Windows Clock app. If you still want to have the application on your PC again, for example to be able to set alarm clocks and timers, you can download the free app from the Microsoft Store. The following apps pre-installed on every Windows PC can be uninstalled by the user:

  • microsoft movies & tv,
  • Microsoft Media Player (formerly called Groove Music),
  • microsoft news,
  • Microsoft Office (access to Office documents stored online at Onedrive),
  • Microsoft Onenote for Windows 10,
  • Microsoft Paint,
  • microsoft snipping tool,
  • Microsoft Teams (chat icon in Windows 11 taskbar),
  • microsoft tips,
  • microsoft todo,
  • mixed reality Portal,
  • Windows Fax and Scan (found under Windows Tools on Windows 11),
  • windows clock,
  • Windows Calculator (Calculator App),
  • Windows scanner (app for scanner),
  • Wordpad (found under Windows Tools in Windows 11),
  • Xbox app
  • It could be that Microsoft will gradually make more Windows apps uninstallable, after all, not every user needs all the preinstalled Microsoft programs. Some Windows apps are preinstalled and can currently only be deactivated, but not completely removed from the operating system. These include Cortana voice control, the Windows Photos and Video Editor app, the Windows Camera (for webcams), Microsoft Maps, and Your Phone apps.

    Widget experiment failed

    Some time ago, Microsoft tested a new position for the widget icon in the taskbar with selected Windows Insiders. If the taskbar icons are centered, the icon for the widgets moves to the left edge. In addition, it can now display the current weather. After installing Insider Preview Build 22533, the widget icon moves back to its usual place next to the magnifying glass in the taskbar. Apparently, the new position had not appealed to many testers. If you want, you can also hide the symbol completely. Internally, the software manufacturer is already testing drag-and-drop for any element. In one of the next Insider Previews it will be possible to pin shortcuts to programs, files or folders to the taskbar with a simple mouse click. It is still unclear when this function will be included in an Insider Preview. Windows 11 Version 22H2 is scheduled to be released in autumn as a free feature update for all Windows 11 users. 06:33
    Windows 11 tuning part 2: Even more tips for optimal setup Also worth reading: Windows 11: This is how the file explorer should be accelerated in the future Collection for Windows 11 Insider Preview 22533:

  • Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Preview 22533 for registered Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.
  • For example, the volume control has a new design, after the design from Windows 8 was still used up to now.
  • In addition, users can uninstall the pre-installed Windows Clock app with the new version.
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