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Departure in Wengen: German debacle on the Lauberhorn – Speedstar misses the top 20 in the classic

Departure in Wengen: German debacle on the Lauberhorn - Speedstar misses the top 20 in the classic

Klide triumphed on the shortened route in 1:42.42 minutes in front of the Swiss Marco Odermatt (+0:19 seconds) and Beat Feuz (+0:30). The best German was Dominik Schwaiger (+1.89), who finished 24th .ranked. “I’ve made too many mistakes,” he said. This also applied to his teammates. The slowest was 41st Vice World Champion Andreas Sander with a deficit of 2.76 seconds, who said about his performance on ZDF: “At the moment the worm is in there. Nothing fits together.” Wengen”Driving a tight line”: Odermatt misses the home winBEFORE 44 MINUTESRomed Baumann was 27th (+1.96), Josef Ferstl 33rd (+2.22) and Simon Jocher 38th (+2.51). The last time a German team was so badly placed in the downhill was six years ago. The second descent follows on Saturday, then over the almost 4.5-kilometer total route. “Everything’s great”: Kilde comes up trumps on the Lauberhorn. “It was a cool race, this season has been really cool so far,” said Kilde, who last January had suffered a cruciate ligament tear, about his impressive comeback winter so far. But he also complained about the effort: After the descent on Saturday over the entire Lauberhorn route (4.5 km), the week in Kitzbühel follows: “The program is already at the limit.”

Eddy around Kriechmayr after corona test

Before the race there had been discussions about the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr, who ended up in twelfth place. The double world champion, who tested positive for the corona virus last week, was unable to complete the two training runs on Tuesday and Wednesday – he would therefore not have been eligible to start in the race. The jury of the International Ski Federation (FIS) around the South Tyrolean Markus Waldner sat therefore a training session for Kriechmayr on Friday morning. The 30-year-old left the starting gate and broke off the run immediately – he had thus fulfilled the FIS rule, according to which he had started the training run. “We would decide that way for every runner because we live in very complicated COVID pandemic times,” said race director Waldner. The Swiss association president Urs Lehmann protested in vain and therefore spoke of “arbitrariness”. It’s “about the rules that have to be observed”. You might also be interested in this: Only three hundredths are missing on the podium: DSV duo trumps in Wengen “Does it follow a narrow line”: Odermatt misses the home winWengen “Everything’s great” : Kilde trumps on the LauberhornONE HOUR AGOWengen”The Germans show up”: Ferstl follows up with a top six place YESTERDAY AT 1:55 PM

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