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DcodeAI, an AI-focused EdTech startup launches new AI learning platform for students

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• DcodeAI offers Device agnostic, Gamified and Cloud-based Do-It-Yourself (DIY) curriculum for  learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) across their 10,000+ school network in India • Aims to democratize AI learning in India as well as other global markets in Africa, UK, USA  and UAE

New Delhi, January 6th, 2020DcodeAI, an India based EdTech startup focused on Artificial  Intelligence (AI), has launched new DIY learning platform including Natural Language Processing  (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Data Science for children aged between 12 and 18 years. With Angel  funding of USD 500,000 from Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd., Educational Publishing House, DcodeAI
was launched earlier this year, with the vision to equip the next generation of learners with AI skills,  without having a formal coding background. It aims to democratize AI learning among primary and  secondary level students across 10,000+ schools that are currently part of its network.  

DcodeAI focuses on low code/no code tools and usage of AI to make learning easy, intuitive and  personalized. Hence, even those without any coding background can start to learn and implement AI  models. The new set of DIY learning programs is designed for students who can learn the concept of  AI and hone their skills in data manipulation, data visualization, statistics, machine learning, deep  learning and more. These learning programs are suitable for students who want to learn about  developing Chatbots, Image Recognition Models, as well as Voice Recognition-based Bots and Home  Automation Systems.  

Kartik Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, DcodeAI said, “In 2020, we have witnessed multiple disruptions in  the education system of the country as well as the overall learning and development process of the  students. The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has given a clear clarion call for the need to democratize  AI across all sectors. This journey of AI transformation has to start at the school level and this is what  we, at DcodeAI, want to enable. We want to simplify the learning curve of students who want to use  AI for solving problems and driving impactful innovations. Our immediate goal is to reach out to 500+  schools in India by Q1 FY2022 and further expand our global footprint in countries like Africa, UK, USA  and UAE by Q2 FY2022.”

Additionally, to build capacities and acumen for AI within school teachers, periodic offline Teacher  Training sessions will be conducted around courses on data science, automation, artificial intelligence  and machine learning.  

For further details, please refer to: https://dcodeai.com/
About DcodeAI

DcodeAI is making the next generation of learners equipped with AI without having even coding background. With the focus on low code/no  code tools and using AI to make learning of AI concepts and fundamentals easy, intuitive and personalized, even those without any coding  background can start to learn and implement AI models. DcodeAI offers DIY modules on Data Science, Computer Vision and Natural Language  Processing for age groups 12-18. The company uses specialised orchestrated containerization to help learners run AI models without the  need for any special computing resources or GPUs.  

The venture was started in mid 2020 by Kartik Sharma and Ashish Agrawal who have been running successful Edtech businesses with a  network of more than 10,000+ schools. Kartik is an IITian and Artificial Intelligence Practitioner while Ashish graduated from NTU, Singapore  and has significant experience with education business. The venture has raised USD 500,000 as Angel round from Sultan Chand & Sons (P)  Ltd. and is on rapid product development and expansion phase.