Home Business & Finance DAX – daily outlook: pullback phase from 16285 should be considerably broader!

DAX – daily outlook: pullback phase from 16285 should be considerably broader!

DAX - daily outlook: pullback phase from 16285 should be considerably broader!

Friday, 01/14/2022 – 8:19 a.m. – Chart analysis Here is today’s DAX forecast. Since 7:45 a.m., all DAX chart parameters for the daily candles and hourly candles have been carefully evaluated and the FDAX included. This is indicated by the DAX price patterns for today until 5:30 p.m….

  • DAX – Abbreviation: DAX – ISIN: DE0008469008
    Stock exchange: XETRA / price: 16,031.59 pts
  • XETRA DAX previous day’s closing price: 16031.59
    DAX pre-exchange: 15940
    FDAX: 15930
    VDAX NEW: 17.32% DAX resistances: 15950/15975 + 16060/16070 + 16150 + 16250(R3) + 16290 DAX supports: 15860 + 15803(S3) + 15752/15724 + 15673 + 15592

    DAX forecast:

  • DAX hourly candlestick chart:
    The DAX is weakening! That smells like “b-wave” that has been struggling to get up from 15724 for 2 days.
  • The DAX starts about 100 points weaker today, the DAX pre-stock exchange is clocking at about 15940.
  • The 15950/15975 area is already a newly established resistance zone in the pre-market, which can hardly be conquered in the morning.
  • The DAX could drop during Friday from 15950/15975 to 15860 (EMA200/h1) and up to 15803/15800, to then rise again from Monday, e.g. to 16100 or 16150.
  • The pullback phase from the previous week’s high 16285 should therefore be a lot (a few days) wider. The unfinished downward cycle of the “Stochastic” indicator in the daily candlesticks spoke for it anyway.
  • DAX daily candle chart:
    The DAX chart parameters in the daily candle chart are all supportive, starting at 15803/15752 (horizontal/ supertrend indicator), then 15673/15592 (Kijun/ SMA200) up to 15356 (EMA200).
    Accordingly, a significant DAX slump is unlikely.
  • As mentioned above, the downward cycle of the “Stochastic” indicator is not over yet. This indicator could keep the DAX sideways for a few more days, but the situation is at least not mature enough for new strong DAX increases.
  • Any trading below 15800 would basically be a sign of DAX weakness. However, bearish consequences could still be warded off or prevented comfortably at the daily candle chart parameters at 15752 (ST), 15673 (Kijun) and 15592 (SMA200).
  • Only after the DAX closed below the red EMA200 at 15356 would there be sell signals for the targets 15050/15015 and 14815.
  • Conclusion: The DAX pullback phase from the previous week’s high of 16285 should spread considerably and keep the DAX between 16100/16150 and 15675/15600 for days. The DAX test of c. 15800 is in the air TODAY (especially below 15975)!
  • I wish you success!
    Rocco Gräfe Watch out latecomers!
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