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DataListsGroup Launches Doctors Email List to Guide Healthcare Marketers Tackle the Accelerating Audience Demand

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Houston, United States, 21 January 2021: DataListsGroup has developed an email list of doctors for modern-day healthcare marketers and launched it recently. The company has also announced that it has updated all the mailing lists for the healthcare industry.


The decision to launch the Doctors Email List follows the DataListsGroup’s higher aspiration to provide authenticated datalists and its goal to reposition itself as the solution for all the email marketing campaign needs of healthcare marketers.


The mailing list contains email addresses of doctors who are working in hospitals, medical practices, clinics, health facilities, nursing homes, and home health care agencies. Besides, the mailing list also gives access to a 3.1M+ email list of doctors in the USA that includes cardiologists, pediatricians, internal medicine, psychiatrist, optometrist email addresses.


Commenting on the announcement, Mark Murray marketing manager from a leading marketing company states that- “We see a unique alignment of sales & marketing activities with DataListsGroup. The data we received from DataListsGroup are compliant and we have received a positive response from our marketing campaigns as a result. It is a new feather on the cap for the company with the introduction of the Doctors Mailing List. We have been very pleased with the quality of your mailing lists and we will come back for more lists in the upcoming months”.


DataListsGroup is growing its mailing list by increasing its focus on the medical marketers, CME providers, pharmaceutical companies, and others to acquire data for making direct contact with other healthcare specialties. It has bold expansion goals for its business in the United States of America, with a distinct focus on the traditionally underserved small and island nations.


To tackle the accelerating audience expectations, DataListsGroup is willing to expand its database across the United States. They are adopting the latest technology as the marketing trends are evolving. They are developing new tools to implement in the brand-new industry standards to bring the clients with high-quality data lists.



The DataListsGroup is devoted to helping B2B marketers. For around a decade, DataListsGroup has been a leading B2B database company. They offer various platforms and opportunities for clients to reach and supply a wide range of marketing services. They are committed to Shape the future of businesses across the USA and global markets with unique and authentic databases. This aim has made DataListsGroup a leading database company worldwide. With access to more than 14 million companies, the organization is active in more than 50 countries and operates its service facilities in the United States.