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Cuxhaven: The world’s largest offshore turbine goes into series production | NDR.de – News

 Cuxhaven: The world's largest offshore turbine goes into series production |  NDR.de - News

Status: 01/14/2022 20:59 A third larger, heavier and more powerful than the previous model – this is the new wind turbine that Siemens Gamesa delivered in Cuxhaven on Friday. The machine house, which is the size of a two-family house, is part of a new 11-megawatt offshore wind turbine. According to information from NDR in Lower Saxony, series production of the world’s largest wind turbine has started. The system can supply around 11,000 households with electricity. The model will initially be used in two offshore wind farms in the Netherlands.

The production hall had to be rebuilt

For the production of the giants, the Cuxhaven plant of Siemens Gamesa, a subsidiary of Siemens Energy, has been converted and upgraded over several months since the summer. For example, overhead cranes are now used instead of transport trolleys to transport the heavy components of the machine house. Videos 1 min Wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa delivered the world’s largest offshore turbine on Friday. (01/14/22) 1 min

The plants are getting bigger

Around 600 employees currently work at Siemens Gamesa, the largest German wind power component factory in Cuxhaven. The company manufactures around 250 machine houses per year, which are shipped from Cuxhaven all over the world. If the 11-megawatt turbine is replaced by an even larger 14-megawatt system in two years, then the plant should be expanded again, said plant manager Anton Bak to the NDR in Lower Saxony. Appropriate areas in the German offshore industrial center have already been secured, says Bak. Further information Several industry associations presented their annual reports on Thursday. (01/13/22) more Because of the expansion targets announced in the coalition agreement, the recently shaken industry is planning more investments. (09.12.21) more This topic in the program:

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