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Criticism of the exclusion of unvaccinated AfD MPs: “Will not be repeated” – domestic politics

Criticism of the exclusion of unvaccinated AfD MPs:

After the exclusion of the unvaccinated AfD MP Joachim Wundrak (66) from a committee meeting, criticism was raised. Due to his lack of vaccination protection against Corona, Wundrak was excluded from the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday. However, he only went “under protest”, said Wundrak after the incident.► Background: The “2G-plus” rule has recently applied in the Bundestag, according to which only vaccinated and recovered people with a daily negative test or booster vaccination have access to the plenary hall and the regular seats in the committees. The rest of the MEPs must sit in a separate gallery area during plenary sessions. This led to problems in the Foreign Affairs Committee, as the room does not have a grandstand. After committee chairman Michael Roth (51, SPD) read out the new rules, he excluded Wundrak from the meeting.
Roth told the news portal “t-online”: “We couldn’t find a reasonable solution to the problem so quickly. As chairman, I feel obliged to protect the members of parliament.” For the next meeting, they are now working on a “responsible solution” in cooperation with the Bundestag administration. ▶︎ A room with a stand is now being sought for the next meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee, so that Wundrak will could sit upstairs. The AfD deputy entered the Bundestag in first place on the Lower Saxony AfD state list.

Linnemann: “Shouldn’t happen like this in the future”

Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (69, FDP) reacted with sharp criticism to the exclusion of Wundrak from the meeting. In BILD, Kubicki announced that such a process would not happen again. “It is an extremely unfortunate process that will in any case not be repeated,” said the FDP politician. “According to the committee chairman, it was due to the fact that there was no alternative in the meeting room. The German Bundestag will ensure that, in the future, appropriately large premises are made available so that the distance requirement can be observed,” announced Kubicki in BILD.The CDU member of the Bundestag and economics expert Carsten Linnemann (44) also criticized the exclusion of Wundrak. When asked whether the exclusion was correct, Linnemann said literally at BILD Live: “No, I don’t think so.”
Linnemann demanded: “It is imperative that Parliament is always able to work.” A member of parliament who has not been vaccinated but can show a negative test must therefore be able to take part in committee meetings. Linnemann said: “We have committee rooms where you can sit in the stands.” ► Regarding the actions of the chairmen and officers in the Foreign Affairs Committee, he said: “I think that’s a mistake, and that shouldn’t happen in the future.” is necessary to ensure the “full” participation of MEPs in committee meetings as well as in the plenary hall.Constitutional law expert Prof. Christian Pestalozza (83) from the Free University of Berlin also criticizes the exclusion of Wundrak. “It is questionable whether the complete exclusion of a member of parliament from a meeting is the mildest means of being able to hold a meeting safely for all members,” Pestalozza told BILD.

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