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Covid-19 Economic Impact and Growing Roofing Markets to Watch through Pandemic & Beyond

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Bridgeport, Connecticut- January 6th, 2021,–The overall roofing sales are expected to return to normal levels as the covid-19 pandemic receding and economy is restabilizing, some roofing segments are expected to fare better than others over the longer term.

While the overall low-slope roofing market is expected to decline through the next half decade, rubber roofing membranes will be an exception to that trend, posting solid advances in demand going forward. Rubber roofing membranes will be selected by many consumers because of their low cost, ease of installation, and favorable performance properties.

Rubber roofing membranes are also available in white or black in color, they meet the roofing criteria, a key characteristic for many contractors, especially in the southern half of the US.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic there is a cut on spending by consumers as Roof replacement can be an expensive project for any building owner to consider as many businesses lost significant revenues and many have lost their jobs.Some building owners may decide that it is more fiscally practical to simply renovate a worn or damaged roof with a liquid-applied roof coating than to undergo a full replacement. Not only are roof coatings generally less expensive than most primary roofing overlay, they are also much less costly to install.

“US demand for liquid-applied roof coatings is expected to climb nearly 2% annually through 2024.”

The Liquid Rubber waterproof sealant from EPDM Coatings is essential EPDM in Liquid form offered exclusively by EPDM coatings and is the ONLY one Liquid EPDM Rubber in the world! Why to add unnecessary weight to a roof by using ordinary multiple-coat systems? Cut your time and labor costs in half with a one-coat system of EPDM Liquid Rubber.

Liquid EPDM has a very thick honey-like consistency and a slow cure time. With over a 25-year history of success, Liquid Rubber has proven to be an outstanding roof coating/sealant worldwide.EPDM coatings does not retail in stores. This ensures that the product is not sitting on shelves aging and allowing you to get direct from factory product.

Also we pass the saving onto you cutting out the middleman!Liquid EPDM coating has been the one product recommended time and again by contractors throughout the USA as an economical and long lasting solution.

A proven alternative to costly roof replacement! Boilerplate: EPDM coatings pride itself for delivering industry proven products for residential, commercial and RV use. With over decades of success, EPDM coatings have helped thousands get a new roof for a fraction of the cost of new roof replacement.

Our products have unique chemical combination and application characteristics which have made them top choice for customers.

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